Semien, Tyson Ross team up to bring coaches to community

Marcus Semien, A's

Sports conversations during the current pandemic typically center around the professional levels and leagues: How they will operate and endure a global health crisis.

But a trio of Bay Area born-and-raised MLB players are very concerned about the youth levels of sports, and their survival in a post-Covid world.

“We’re trying to raise awareness of the upcoming need for volunteer coaches in the community,” said Tyson Ross. “To give kids a chance to return playing sports once the pandemic allows things to get back to a sense of normalcy.”

At this point, it’s not known whether budgets or volunteer hours will be cut short. But Tyson and his brother, along with many others, are anticipating the worst on both fronts

Programs across all age levels could disappear in an instant, and never return the same.

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They’re looking for people to at least make a commitment to coaching, right now.

“Even at like a very basic youth level, that would be huge,” said Joe Ross. “As far as the development for kids, and things that I learned at a young age which still apply now being a professional. Really every day, whether it’s playing baseball or being in the workforce.

There could be a common misconception that the generally affluent Bay Area would be less impacted by the expected youth sports crisis.  A’s shortstop Marcus Semien knows that not a reality. 


“I just think the cost of living is so high, that there’s a low amount of coaches. They’re out working trying to make living,” said Semien.

Tyson, Joe and Marcus are partnering with Coaching Corps, a locally-based coalition that matches volunteers to appropriate youth sports programs. Especially in underserved neighborhoods across the country.

“It will be interesting to see what kind of people sign up, whether they’re retired or young people,” said Semien 

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“For a young person [to coach] I think it’s just fulfilling. To see a young kid who may not be great at sports, may not even be interested, but they get into it - and they improve.”

More information on how you can participate is at