Canha says ESPN in-game interview wasn't a big distraction


Not too long after he made an arguably game-saving catch in left field for the A’s, Mark Canha had an earpiece in and was talking to the ESPN broadcast while patrolling the outfield. Mind you, this was during Game 2 of the AL Wild Card Series with the A's facing elimination, but that didn’t appear to bother Canha. 

“It was a pretty easy setup,” Canha said following the A’s 5-3 win over the Chicago White Sox on Wednesday, knotting the best-of-three series at one win a piece. “They actually had a wireless headpiece.”

“I’m still focused and when a pitch was coming I would like tune out for a second and walk into the game and if I missed a question or something I wasn’t too worried about it, but they did a good job and I think, if the fans like stuff like that then I’m willing to do because we play this game for the fans.

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Broadcasters Dave Flemming and Jessica Mendoza conducted the interview for ESPN, and asked Canha questions about his critical catch as well as the card under his hat that serves as a scouting report for where he should position on certain opposing hitters.


Canha didn’t break concentration.

“They wanted to talk about that so I was perfectly willing to give some insight,” Canha said. “I saw some comments on Twitter already, I just checked and it seems like a positive response and everybody kind of liked the baseball talk and the baseball insight.”

Not everyone was OK with it, however. His wife, Marci, tweeted a funny GIF to show she was relieved nothing was hit Canha’s way during the interview. But even if it was, perhaps he would have handled it with grace.

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Canha has done an in-game interview previously while he was a designated hitter, so he had been used to it before. Doing something like this was up his alley, but that wasn’t the case for shortstop Marcus Semien.

Semien wasn’t asked to be mic’d up, and he was perfectly OK with that.

“Mark loves that stuff, I don’t,” Semien laughed. “So I just want to focus on the game -- it’s hard enough for me to focus out there let alone answer questions on an interview, but kudos to Mark for doing that, and he’s a pretty entertaining guy.