Canha tips his cap after breaking Bando's A's HBP record

Mark Canha

When Mark Canha was plunked by a wayward fastball from Baltimore Orioles lefty Bruce Zimmermann in the second inning Sunday, he knew he just made franchise history.

Upon reaching first base, Canha mockingly tipped his helmet to the crowd after breaking Sal Bando’s Athletics franchise record for the most career hit by pitches, with 60.

Hey, a franchise record is a franchise record. Kudos to Canha for recognizing the gravity of such a momentous occasion. Sure he’ll tell his grandkids all about it one day.

Canha has performed well as the A’s leadoff hitter this season and entered Sunday’s game with a .388 on-base percentage. That figure has been boosted by his seven hit by pitches this season, which is tied for the most in the majors.

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There have been some iconic celebrations at the Oakland Coliseum. Saturday marked the 30-year anniversary of Rickey Henderson lofting third base high over his head after breaking Lou Brock’s all-time steals record.

While Canha’s celebration likely won’t be remembered in three decades like Rickey’s was this weekend, it was still a classic moment for a franchise record. A dubious record, sure, but a record nonetheless.