Canha 'wasn't crazy about' being mic'd up in A's playoff game


It was one of the more stressful moments of the 2020 MLB playoffs, and it had to do with a microphone.

During the A’s-Chicago White Sox AL Wild Card Series last October, Mark Canha was one of the players mic’d up during Game 2, an elimination game for Oakland. It's safe bet that he probably won’t do that again anytime soon. 

“I wasn't crazy about doing it in playoffs. It was a little unnerving,” Canha said Friday on A’s Cast. “I don't think I would do that again. That was a little uncomfortable."

Tell us about it. 

It was an effort to bring the fans closer to the game, especially in a season where they weren’t allowed to attend these games. Still, it brought a lot of stress to those watching. Especially Canha’s wife Marci.

No balls were hit in Canha’s direction during the half-inning, thankfully for A's fans. And he did say following the game he didn’t find it a distraction at the time

A’s outfielder Ramón Laureano also was mic’d up, and we were entertained when he dropped an F-bomb on live television while making a play. It was a complement geared toward the White Sox star outfielder Eloy Jimenez, who is very fast. 


Following the interview, ESPN broadcasters Jessica Mendoza and Dave Flemming did say Laureano wanted to do the interview, which was cleared by the MLB Players Association. 

“I know it makes some people uncomfortable,” Flemming said during the broadcast. “I think it’s worth saying out loud that we ask the players nicely. The Players’ Union, Major League Baseball, has encouraged players to, even in playoff games, to be willing and volunteer.”

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Former A's shortstop Marcus Semien gave props to Canha for going out and being mic'd up, but had a different view.

“Mark loves that stuff, I don’t,” Semien laughed after the game. “So I just want to focus on the game -- it’s hard enough for me to focus out there let alone answer questions on an interview, but kudos to Mark for doing that, and he’s a pretty entertaining guy."