Canha's wife, Twitter criticize ESPN for in-game interview

Mark Canha, A's

The 2020 MLB season has given us some rare, in-game opportunities to interview players while they're on the field. It has been cool, but should that be happening during a postseason elimination game?

Some aren’t too sure.

A’s outfielder Mark Canha had just made a spectacular catch in left field during Game 2 of the AL Wild Card Series against the Chicago White Sox. Canha's grab came in the top of the third, and arguably saved Oakland’s season given the way that inning was unfolding.

In the top of the fourth, ESPN had Canha mic'd up while he was playing the outfield to do an in-game interview.

Canha’s wife, Marci, held her breath:

NBC Sports California's Brodie Brazil, who hosts A’s Pre- and Postgame Live, admitted he wasn’t too sure of it either.

Others also scratched their head with how it was executed. 

Luckily nothing during the inning was able to break Canha’s concentration, but if it did, you could imagine the uproar it would cause.

It’s amazing that we’re able to bring the fans at home, who desperately crave being back at the ballpark, to the game from their living rooms. But this should be saved for spring training, not postseason elimination games.

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And trust me, I love all of the weird baseball content that brings fans closer to the game. But this wasn't the right spot for it.

But give props to Canha for agreeing to it during a game that could make or break the team’s postseason chances.


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