Chapman ranks his defensive plays, including underrated one

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Athletics third baseman Matt Chapman might have a difficult time ranking his top three favorite defensive plays across his career. After two Platinum and Gold Glove Awards, it could create a daunting task. 

However, he did the best he could on the latest episode of “All A’s.”

One of the most memorable plays just recently occurred on a career night on Aug. 14.

“That one is at the top -- that ones as good as any play I’ve ever made in my life for sure,” Chapman said. 

Against the Texas Rangers, Brock Holt hit what should have been an outfield blooper, but not when Chapman is manning the left-side of the field.

That night, Chapman also hit his 100th career home run.

Chapman also noted a play against the Tampa Bay Rays in 2018 when Carlos Gómez hit a ground ball toward him. Chapman threw across the diamond from the third base coach’s box to Matt Olson after he had almost tripped. 

“I feel like that’s one of the best plays I’ve ever made because I robbed him down the line, but then I threw it from so far away and was still able to get the out,” Chapman said.

Chapman also detailed a play he made in 2017 against the Toronto Blue Jays when while at the shortstop position, he ran all the way to the left-field corner on a Justin Smoak foul ball for the out.

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“I feel like that was a pretty underappreciated play,” Chapman said. “I think that’s one of the best plays I ever made, but I got no attention -- probably because we were playing really crappy and we weren’t on the map yet.”

Chapman said it didn’t get a lot of eyes because of how the A’s were playing at the time, but after all the hardware he has for his display shelf at home, that’s not the case anymore.