Mic'd up Bassitt has hilarious reaction to Olson's homer

Matt Olson

Chris Bassitt is happy that Matt Olson is back between the lines.

Olson suffered a freak injury in Tampa Bay earlier this week when he hit a ball that ricocheted off a screen and hit his left eye during batting practice. The first baseman missed three games but looked like his usual slugging self Sunday against the Baltimore Orioles.

In the top of the bottom of the third inning, with Bassitt on the mic in the dugout for NBC Sports California, Olson launched a solo shot to dead center.

“Oh my gosh,” Bassitt said as soon as the ball left the bat. “Matt Olson, are you kidding me? Trevor Bauer has to love Matt Olson. He’s playing with one eye.”

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Bauer, a right-hander for the Los Angeles Dodgers, has made headlines this spring while experimenting with pitching with one eye closed.

The difference? Bauer doesn’t have a mean shiner on his left eye like Olson.


Bassitt also made up for his jinx earlier in the inning.

In the top half of the frame he claimed A’s starter Sean Manaea would get out of the inning just seconds before he served up a home run to Austin Hays. Then again, Hays has been an A’s killer this year, hitting all four of his 2021 homers against the A’s in the past eight contests.

Bottom line: NBC Sports California’s producers might need to get Bassitt on the mic next time they want to see a dinger.