MLB 2021 odds: Athletics' chances of winning AL West, World Series


After a quarter of the MLB season, teams have begun to find their rhythm, but there's still plenty of time for each team to rise in the standings and make a playoff run.

The Oakland A’s currently claim first place in the AL West. Oakland’s record of 26-17 places them 1.5 games ahead of division-rival Houston Astros. The A’s have been on a tear as of late, winning seven of their last 10 games -- including a recent walk-off win over those Astros. Can they keep the momentum over the summer to make a postseason push in the fall? Here’s a look at the rest of the favorites to take the AL title in 2021, provided by PointsBet:


Who has the best odds to win the 2021 World Series?

The Dodgers, reigning World Series champions, currently sit as the favorite to take the title again in 2021. The Dodgers started the season on a tear, but hit a rough patch as the injury bug has not been kind. The New York Yankees, San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox and New York Mets also are favored to be in the running to take home a championship ring this season.

Here are the current odds for the 2021 World Series champions, presented by PointsBet:

Los Angeles Dodgers +325
New York Yankees +700
San Diego Padres +850
Chicago White Sox +900
New York Mets +900
Atlanta Braves +1500
Houston Astros +1800
Boston Red Sox +2000
Oakland Athletics +2000
Milwaukee Brewers +2200
St. Louis Cardinals +2200
Tampa Bay Rays +2200
Toronto Blue Jays +2200
Cleveland Indians +3300
Cincinnati Reds +4000
Los Angeles Angels +4000
Minnesota Twins +4000
Philadelphia Phillies +4000
San Francisco Giants +4000
Chicago Cubs +5000
Washington Nationals +5000
Kansas City Royals +6600
Miami Marlins +8000
Seattle Mariners +10000
Arizona Diamondbacks +15000
Baltimore Orioles +15000
Texas Rangers +20000
Colorado Rockies +25000
Detroit Tigers +25000
Pittsburgh Pirates +25000


Which team is favored to win the American League in 2021?

Despite sitting at fourth place in their division, the Yankees currently are the favorites to win the American League this season. Their ace, Gerrit Cole, recently set the league record for most strikeouts between walks and will continue to lead the way as the Bronx Bombers push for the AL pennant.

Here’s a look at the rest of the favorites to take the AL title in 2021, provided by PointsBet:

New York Yankees +275
Chicago White Sox +450
Houston Astros +700
Oakland Athletics +800
Boston Red Sox +1000
Toronto Blue Jays +1000
Tampa Bay Rays +1200
Los Angeles Angels +1600
Cleveland Indians +1700
Minnesota Twins +2000
Kansas City Royals +3000
Seattle Mariners +5000
Baltimore Orioles +6600
Texas Rangers +10000
Detroit Tigers           +12500


Who is the current favorite to be the AL West winner?

Here are the latest odds for the winner of the AL West in 2021, presented by PointsBet:

Houston Astros -125
Oakland Athletics +130
Los Angeles Angels +900
Seattle Mariners +2000
Texas Rangers               +15000

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Kelley Ekert contributed to this story.