Oakland City Council meeting July 20 to vote on A's ballpark proposal

Oakland Coliseum

Mark your calendars, Athletics fans. 

The Oakland City Council is set to meet on Tuesday, July 20, at 9 a.m. PT for the non-binding vote on the A's Howard Terminal ballpark proposal. 

The public can observe and/or participate in the meeting in four different ways: By watching KTOP channel 10 on Xfinity, to view the meeting online from the City's Agenda Meeting Calendar, by watching via zoom and by listening through a phone teleconference. 

A's president Dave Kaval has made it clear for the franchise to stay in Oakland it's Howard Terminal or bust. 

Kaval also recently told the Las Vegas Review-Journal the A's have their eyes set on two sites in the Henderson, Nev. area for possible relocation. The A's Triple-A affiliate plays in Las Vegas, and Kaval and Co. have been looking at over 25 sites in the Southern Nevada area.

Late last month, Kaval told NBC Sports California that looking extensively in the Las Vegas area for relocation has been at the discretion of Major League Baseball.

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“They feel that geographically, it works,” Kaval said. “Obviously, there are other teams that have relocated like the Raiders or the Golden Nights. I think seeing the success of those teams, the fact that there is no major league team there in the geography, those are the key reasons.


“Until we have a binding deal in Oakland that works, and we have a shovel in the ground, we have to keep our options open."

The A's have played in Oakland since 1968. Their current lease at the Coliseum runs through 2024.