A's projected to beat Giants in World Series ... in 2029

Matt Olson, A's

Good news first, A's fans. The A's are projected to win a World Series. 

Just not until 2029. dished out World Series matchup predictions for the next 10 years, and the A's could be wrapping up the decade in grand fashion.

Coincidentally, the A's are predicted to square up against none other than the San Francisco Giants -- 40 years after the 1989 Bay Bridge series. While no Oakland fan needs the reminder, the A's did run away with the title, sweeping their rival four-games-to-zero. 

It goes without saying that hopefully, there will not be another earthquake.

The decade presumably also will be kind to the Giants, as they are listed as National League champs twice. In addition to 2029, San Francisco is poised to take on the Baltimore Orioles in 2027, but unfortunately for Giants fans, aren't predicted to win. 

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Obviously, plenty can change in a decade. And it's pretty clear both organizations would like to win much sooner than they are projected. The A's are looking for back-to-back division titles and a fourth-straight postseason, while the Giants missed the expanded postseason by one game last year. 

It's a tall order for either organization, especially the Giants who will consistently face off against the 2020 World Series champions -- the Los Angeles Dodgers -- and the new-and-vastly-improved San Diego Padres. 

The A's and the Houston Astros again look to be the top teams in the American League West, but revamped teams like the Chicago White Sox and the American League champion Tampa Bay Rays won't make it easy an easy road to the Fall Classic. 


Still, you never know. That's something both organizations have proved, many times. 

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