Grossman describes 60-game season as most exhausting of career

Robbie Grossman, A's
Getty Images

The 60-game 2020 MLB season, on paper, appeared as if it would breeze by.

That’s not the case, at least not for A’s outfielder Robbie Grossman.

“I think this has been physically and mentally the hardest season I’ve ever been a part of in the big leagues -- not even close,” Grossman said after the A's 12-3 loss to the Seattle Mariners on Saturday.  

Despite the A’s loss in the second game of the doubleheader, Grossman had his first career multi-home run game. It’s been a grind, he said, even after losing both of the games, he was exhausted.

“I just think it’s baseball,” Grossman said. “Look, we’ve played I don’t know how many games in the last month and I think we’re at the last game tomorrow and everyone is just looking forward to getting in the playoffs and getting that second wind.”

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His wind appeared to be coming back for Grossman. He had made an adjustment at the plate during spring training and even though he had been quiet recently, his home runs on Saturday couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Just continue to try and work on what I’m doing, and trust it,” Grossman said on what was working for him. “Felt like I got away from it a week or so ago, and just continue to trust what I’m doing.”

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The offense overall has been down for the team as of late, but Grossman doesn’t worry about that as the team heads to the playoff bubble. 

“Yeah, I have no doubt in this team,” Grossman said. “We’re the best team in the division. I’ll take us over anyone, I just think this has been a grind. Especially after the Houston thing, it’s been a grind -- we played a lot of games. Finishing up this season, we played three games in 24 hours, that’s never happened usually in a regular-season it’s been a grind and everyone’s looking forward to getting to the playoffs.”