Manaea reflects on unique hairstyles throughout A's career

Sean Manaea's hair
  • Programming note: Watch the full "All A's" interview with Sean Manaea on Saturday, June 26 after "A's Postgame Live" at approximately 10:30 p.m. on NBC Sports California.

Athletics starter Sean Manaea is known for his many hairstyles. And while he currently is sporting the long hairdo, there were many iterations before it that stood out.

Manaea stopped by the latest episode of “All A’s” and detailed some of his more popular hairstyles, what he liked about them, and the thought behind some of them. 

“At that point, I had been growing out my hair and I was just over it, just kind of wanted to see if I could rock a flat top look," Manaea told NBC Sports California. "Just went to a barber, told him a little fade on the sides."

The flat-top look really symbolized how diverse Manaea can be with some of these looks.   “I don’t really know what prompted it,” Manaea said. “See, that’s the thing, I don’t really have a set plan.”

Manaea tends to do some of these styles on a whim. Depending on how he’s feeling during that time, they could be the determinant in some of these styles. 

Especially when it came to shaving it all off. 

“I remember that because I had just had three or four bad games in a row,” Manaea said. 

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He went full “Bald Britney” during that time. He jokingly said what he went through was similar of what popstar Britney Spears endured when she once shaved her head.

The Manaea sideburn look is one he said he might sport again.


Whether it’s that or his braids, bleach blonde, or his current long hair that he’s sporting, he ultimately has fun with it. 

You can watch more on Manaea’s hairstyles and what he had to say about them in the video above.