Seth Brown off to historic start with A's after long stay in minors

Seth Brown off to historic start with A's after long stay in minors

It's been quite a journey for Seth Brown. The 27-year-old A's rookie outfielder definitely took the long route to the majors, but he is making up for lost time.

In just five major-league games, Brown has already notched 10 hits, including three doubles, and seven RBI. Following a 3-for-3 performance against the Yankees on Friday night, Brown has strung together seven consecutive hits over his last two games.

"It's just awesome," he told reporters. "It's hard to describe. I'm just happy I'm out here and I'm happy I'm pulling my weight."

Brown grew up in Klamath Falls, Oregon before moving to Medford prior to his senior year of high school. He started his college career at Linn-Benton Community College in Oregon and transferred to Lewis-Clark State College after his sophomore year, where he played for head coach Jeremiah Robbins.

"It's a military-style program where he demands perfection," Brown said. "He changed my life and showed me the type of player I want to be and the type of man I want to be."

The A's drafted Brown in the 19th round of the 2015 MLB Draft. Though he never made any top-30 prospect lists, he gradually rose through the Oakland minor-league system, putting up impressive offensive numbers along the way.

After nearly five full seasons in the minors, Brown finally got to make his major-league debut Monday in Kansas City.

"It was an indescribable feeling," Brown said. I don't have the words. ... It's been an incredible journey for me. I've got so many people to thank for the support and help along the way. It's been an incredible ride."

A's manager Bob Melvin is still just getting to know his new outfielder, but he's already impressed.

"He's just a fighter," Melvin told reporters. "You would expect younger guys to maybe ease their way in to where you're seeing that kind of confidence. But we saw it in his first at-bat. He's playing a great outfield on top of that and then he comes in and gets a big pinch-hit (Friday night). He's having a lot of fun with this big-league thing right now."  

Brown essentially forced the A's hand with his production in Triple-A this season. In 112 games, he slashed .297/.352/.634 with 37 home runs and 104 RBI.

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"For me, it was just kind of nailing down and approach, regardless of who's on the mound," Brown explained. "Having that same routine every day, having that same approach day in and day out, that's been the biggest help for me this season."

That production has now carried over to the big leagues, at least through five games. It sure looks like Brown is here to stay.

Matt Chapman Q&A: A's star discusses life in MLB, favorite actor


Matt Chapman Q&A: A's star discusses life in MLB, favorite actor

Matt Chapman was drafted by Oakland in 2014 and has been with the A’s since mid-2017. You’d think by now, we’d have a pretty good grasp on who the multi-platinum third baseman actually is. However this past weekend at A's FanFest, we got to learn more about the real “Chappy."
NBC Sports California: Number one piece of tech in your backpack for road trips?
Matt Chapman: The number one piece of tech that I make sure is on every flight and trip is our giant team speaker that goes on the bus and on the plane. I’ve been the DJ for the last two or three years, but I’m always willing to give up the reigns.
Most important aspect of a good walk-up song?
It gets you fired up.
Something you need to get done in the on-deck circle?
Make my bat feel light, I use one big donut.
Best thing to tell a teammate after they made an error?
Nothing. You should always let your teammate know you are there for them, and everything, but if I made an error and somebody came up to me, I would be like - get away.
Team potluck dinner, what does Matt Chapman bring?
I wish I could bring fish tacos. That’s one of my favorite foods. I just don’t know if I’d be able to cook them.
Which teammate gives the best interviews?
Liam [Hendriks], because of his accent.
Teammate who you think hates interviews the most?
Probably Marcus [Semien].
Teammate you’d be a fan of, if they weren’t your teammate?
I’d probably say [Matt] Olson because of how good he is. I’m sure if [Mark] Canha wasn’t on my team I’d probably be pissed when he flipped his bat, but since he’s on our team, actually I love it. Ramon [Laureano], I’d love his defense and arm, and the emotion he shows… that guy’s a badass.
Song that you know all the words to?
“Neighbors” by J. Cole.
Are audiobooks considered reading?
Tougher sport to play tonight, if you had to: football or hockey?
Ice hockey, because I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve been ice skating. But football would be scarier. I’d probably rather play hockey, I’d feel more comfortable there. And football, I feel like I would die.
What matters most to you, launch angle, spin rate or exit velocity?
Exit velocity. If you’re hitting the ball hard, good things are going to happen. If you’re so concerned about launch angle, you start trying to get under the ball more and more. If you’re trying to hit the ball hard, you’re right where you need to be.
We’ll give you a free trip this weekend: Napa, Tahoe, or Monterey?
I’m going to Tahoe. Beautiful in summer or winter.
Theme park ride that you go visit first?
If I was at Six Flags, and the park opened, I would probably run to Goliath. That big one with the drop, big and fast roller coaster. When I was a little kid, I could ride those forever. Now I might get a headache. 
Favorite person or account that you follow on social media?
I don’t have Instagram. But I will say on Twitter, Brett Anderson makes me laugh, a lot. Dallas Braden makes me laugh a lot too. He’s funny.
The best actor in your lifetime so far is Tom Hanks, agree or disagree?
Disagree. Christian Bale, that’s my favorite actor.

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A-F, grade your use of emojis.
Probably like a C, right in the middle
Any car could be in your driveway tonight, what would it be?
An S 63 AMG Mercedes.  It’s a nice car.  It’s a dream car, maybe one day.  Even though I have a Tahoe that I’m pretty attached to.

Why A's young catchers excited Bob Melvin heading into 2020 season

Why A's young catchers excited Bob Melvin heading into 2020 season

OAKLAND -- The catcher position is an important one, especially for A's manager Bob Melvin.

A 10-year catcher in the bigs, Melvin knows how underappreciated the position can be. But not to him.

For the A's, however, the position appears quite young. If today were Opening Day, 25-year-old Sean Murphy would be the starter behind the plate.

Not that this would be particularly a bad thing. In 60 big-league plate appearances last season, Murphy slashed .245/.333/.566 with four home runs and eight RBI.  

"And certainly the development of Murphy," Melvin told NBC Sports California at A's Media Day last Friday. "[He] did enough last year, and certainly in his minor-league career, to have us excited."

Across three minor-league teams last season, Murphy finished with a .964 OPS, 11 home runs and 31 RBI in 41 games. 

The A's also acquired catcher Austin Allen in the Jurickson Profar trade from the Padres.

"We're excited to see Allen -- supposedly he swings the bat really well," Melvin told NBC Sports California. 

Fans appear to be excited, too.

"Jonah Heim had a great year for us, too -- he's another roster guy for us, a switch-hitting catcher who really kind of had a breakout year for himself last year, so he's another guy we'll be watching."

Heim took advantage of the Pacific Coast League with a .358/.412/.557 line in 35 games with Triple-A Las Vegas. 

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"Who knows if there's something else we do before spring, or during spring -- or whatever, but we're comfortable with the guys we have right now," Melvin added.

The A's reportedly were targeting veteran catcher Matt Wieters before he ultimately signed with the Cardinals earlier this month.

With just a couple of notable catchers left on the free-agent market, the A's could make a bid on one of them, but there's always a possibility of a trade for one of those veteran names to be a part of that squad.