A's tied for third-best World Series odds at halfway point

USA Today

It’s the halfway point of the MLB season for most teams and Caesars Sportsbook has the A’s listed at +1000 ($10 wins $100) to win the World Series, tied for the third-best odds in MLB. 

The A’s started the season tied for the eighth-best odds to win the World Series at +2000 and have been moved up the board accordingly given their 20-10 record. That 20-10 record is tied with the Twins for best in the AL, but the A's have slightly higher odds than the Twins to win the World Series. The Twins currently have the fifth-best odds at +1100.

Ahead of them are the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees. Both sit at +350 and were co-favorites to win the World Series at the start of the season at those same odds. The Chicago Cubs are tied with the A's for the third-best odds. 

The rival Houston Astros have seen their odds decrease at the halfway point as they are listed at +2000, but started the season at +1100.

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When it comes to just winning the AL, the A’s have the second-best odds at +450. The Yankees are ahead of them at +150 while the Twins have the third-best odds to win the AL at +550.