"I've never seen him run that fast."

Skye Bolt was surrounded by the media in Pittsburgh talking about the moment he found out he was heading to the big leagues.

Fran Riordan, manager for the Triple-A affiliate Las Vegas Aviators, ran across the field to greet the A's top prospect on the top of the dugout steps when he was about to head out to play defense. 

"He told me I forgot my [batting practice] top," Bolt said. "He said, 'You know how I was giving you a hard time about your B.P. top?' I said, 'Yeah, but this doesn't really seem like the time and place for this conversation," he smiled.

That's when Riordan told Bolt he had been traded and he "was going to Pittsburgh." And where he was going he didn't need to worry about that top.

"Where you're going you don't have to worry about packing stuff -- they'll pack it for you. Congratulations son, you're a big leaguer now."

You could hear one of the reporters in the background say "that's awesome," as the interview went on. And awesome it was indeed. 

After Bolt got the news, he looked around at the few players still in the dugout, and let out an expletive and asked: "Are you kidding me?" The newly promoted centerfielder remained expressionless as Riordan shook his hand. Then Bolt teared up.

His trainer walked up to him with a phone in his face -- they had gotten the entire thing recorded.

"I can't wait to see that come out," Bolt said.

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Bolt grabbed his things and exited the field. He had to take a long way around and walk through left field. That's when the umpire shook his head to Bolt and wish him congratulations as well as some of the players in the opposing dugout and opposing fans in Reno.

"That's when I lost it," he said. "That was a surreal moment that I'll never forget."