Twitter reacts to truly strange, confusing A's hats

Sergio Romo

For those hardcore Athletics fans, this might be tough on your eyes.

New Era launched some new hats, and one of their new A’s ones possessed a Bay Area staple, but not the one you would expect. This lid had an outline of the Golden Gate Bridge next to the logo. 

Without further adieu, here's the A's New Era City Sky Blue Undervisor 59Fifty:

To start things off, Oakland and San Francisco are separated by a bridge -- it's just not the Golden Gate. And the way the A’s logo almost is drowned out by the bridge throws the aesthetic off. 

Twitter certainly had some responses ready.

On the back of the hat sits a cocktail, a Mai Tai to be exact. Thanks to the Twitter mentions (and some Googling), it was brought to the surface that the drink was invented in Oakland by Victor J. Bergeron (aka Trader Vic) to showcase the flavor of a rum. 

I’ll admit, I’m educated now, but it’s a bit awkward on the back of a hat. Perhaps this is made just for true Bay Area natives. However, you would think those true to that part of California would know that Oakland is not attached to the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Perhaps that’s why NBC Sports California’s own Dallas Braden volunteered to use the hats as kindling, and Brodie Brazil was worried his account would be suspended for posting it.

Upon first glance, it appears some fans like the idea of the Mai Tai, but the front is a no for them. 


What do you think?