Steph explains what went wrong during errant A's first pitch


Maybe, just maybe, we found something that Steph Curry isn't great at. 

Curry made an appearance at the Oakland Coliseum on Wednesday, taking batting practice and throwing out the first pitch prior to the Athletics and Houston Astros game. 

Taking the mound with his wife Ayesha, Curry's first pitch was, well ... not the greatest

Curry later joined NBC Sports California's A's broadcasters Glen Kuiper and Bip Roberts in the broadcast booth where he explained what went wrong for him on the mound. 

"All of my friends were teasing me about how bad my pitch was going to be," Curry said. "I wanted to throw some heat and when I got up there I felt the presence on my right side but I didn't really know how I could do the release and whatnot so that's why I went a little to the right. I'm glad he picked it up out of the dirt and didn't make me look bad."

Curry was better with the bat in his hands and his performance in batting practice was at least admirable, even though a couple of heaters stung his hands. 

"It's alright," Curry explained. "I should have spent some more time in the cages before I came out. But I played baseball until I was about 13 (years old) growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina. I've got some fundamentals, but we didn't hit with the wood bat back in then, so that was the most interesting part. I don't know, it was like 55-60 miles-per-hour coming at me, a couple of them stung a little bit, it woke my hands up a little bit, but it was nice to just get some swings and feel like I was moving the ball somewhat."

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Curry might have a future as a two-sport athlete, but baseball certainly won't be one of them. For now, he'll stick to winning championships on the court and competing in golf tournaments in the offseason.