How can the kids play if the parents keep getting mad at the kids for playing?

In this analogy, A's center fielder Ramon Laureano is the kid and Rangers starting pitcher Adrian Sampson is the parent.

In the bottom of the sixth inning on Saturday night, Laureano crushed a 412-foot homer and admired his work. Sampson did not appreciate that.

Once Sampson was done being mad at himself for giving up his fourth home run of the night, he quickly turned his anger to Laureano, who was walking out of the batter's box while watching the flight of the ball.

The two exchanged words before the home plate umpire got in between and forced Sampson to retreat.

Both benches were ready to storm the field, but cool heads prevailed ... for the moment.


Two innings later, Rangers reliever Rafael Montero hit Laureano on the shoulder. This time, the bench did clear, though no punches were thrown.

Montero was ejected while Laureano was allowed to remain in the game.

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If this is anything like the Madison Bumgarner-Max Muncy kerfuffle in early June, there should be some good postgame quotes. Stay tuned.