It was a home run that would make you become “romantic about baseball.”

Before Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill starred in “Moneyball,” the walk-off home run by a guy not named Chris Pratt in an A’s uniform was a historic moment in real life.

On Sept. 4, 2002, Oakland first baseman Scott Hatteberg’s game-winning homer against the Kansas City Royals would forever be solidified in the organization’s story. It was a 12-11 victory for the A’s -- their 20th straight win -- which then turned into an American League record.

Recent footage surfaced of the postgame celebration as Hatteberg ran into the Oakland clubhouse and it just makes you want to smile and hug the person next to you:

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The original clip was uploaded on YouTube more than 11 years ago by Brian Pollzzie, but it was a rare glimpse into what happened immediately after the game. And it’s never too late to relive that. 

The clip was part of the A's story in the early 2000s that would go on to be made into a book, and eventually a Hollywood feature, but the defining moment of that era is something that would be hard to repeat.