How Melvin would change 'problem' in MLB's replay review system


Bob Melvin's relief was palpable Tuesday.

The A's manager threw up his arms, much like a fan in the right field bleachers would while giving a Bronx cheer, when a call was overturned in Oakland's favor during the first game of a doubleheader with the Houston Astros at the Coliseum.

That hasn't happened much at all lately. Melvin's frustration has been apparent during a week in which the A's have been on the wrong side of three replay reviews.

When NBC Sports California's Brodie Brazil asked Melvin if a public announcement of umpiring decisions on reviews -- a la the NFL and NHL -- would improve things, the manager said that wouldn't go far enough.

"They want us to umpire in 20 seconds ... and sometimes we don't have all the angles, and sometimes we don't have super slow-mo in those 20 seconds," Melvin said on "A's Pregame Live" on Wednesday. "And then it's kicked to a group of umpires in a room with all kinds of technology that takes several minutes to get it done -- and I'm not criticizing the umpires.

"And then, the call on the field has a lot to do with what the call's going to be. It should be about right or wrong, in my opinion. And then if you miss a [challenge], then you go six innings without the right to have a call right, and that's a problem for me."


The umpire crew chief or a manager's challenge can initiate a replay review. Managers have 20 seconds to decide whether or not they want to challenge a call, and replay officials -- with some exceptions -- are expected to complete their review within two minutes.

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Melvin would like to see the system streamlined.

"I think, personally, that the game should be played, the umpires should do the umpiring, and if there's a missed call, they look at it at the replay room and they stop play and they make the right decision," Melvin continued. "That's how I would like to see it done."