What Kaval's trips to Las Vegas mean for Athletics' future


The future decision as to where the Athletics will play remains in limbo. Those were the words team president Dave Kaval said during an exclusive interview with NBC Sports California’s Brodie Brazil and Dave Stewart on Wednesday. 

MLB and commissioner Rob Manfred gave their backing to the A’s to seek out a new location since the momentum toward building the waterfront ballpark at Howard Terminal in Oakland had been taking too long. Las Vegas had been a possibility. Kaval has been making frequent trips to Southern Nevada maintaining relationships with those who could be involved in such key decisions.

He detailed what some of those objectives were during those meetings.

“Market feasibility, could it work, where do you put a stadium, who the partners would be, what kind of public partnership could exist,” Kaval listed on A’s Pregame Live. “There’s over 25 sites that we’re looking at seriously, we’ve had meetings with all the key casinos and resorts, and players in town.”

Kaval said the reception overall has been positive in Vegas.

“It’s important to understand there’s a parallel path,” Kaval said. “There’s a path in Oakland to get this approval at Howard [Terminal] and there’s a parallel path in Southern Nevada and that has to happen because we really need to get to a final solution on this that works.  

Kaval said right now, that solution remains “in limbo.” The A’s need to find a home.

Stewart asked Kaval why Vegas in particular was being considered to host this team. Kaval said it was at the discretion of the league.


“They feel that geographically, it works,” Kaval said. “Obviously, there are other teams that have relocated like the Raiders or the Golden Nights. I think seeing the success of those teams, the fact that there is no major league team there in the geography, those are the key reasons.”

“Until we have a binding deal in Oakland that works, and we have a shovel in the ground, we have to keep our options open,” Kaval said. 

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It’s been “Howard Terminal or bust,” as Kaval said back in May which means, if the team does not relocate to the waterfront area at Jack London Square, the A’s will not be playing in Oakland following the 2024 season when the lease at the Oakland Coliseum is up.

The A’s proposal currently is on the City Council’s agenda for July 20th.