Why A's GM Forst is not fan of new roster expansion rule


MLB’s new call-up rules have created a different outlook of teams when September rolls around.

Athletics general manager David Forst isn’t too fond of the alteration.

“I do not like this rule at all,” Forst said Friday on A’s Cast

The rule in question was that instead of being able to expand big-league rosters to 40, teams only will be able to bring 28 players on during that time. 

Forst said this is tough because of the heavy workload pitchers handle over the course of the season.

“I particularly dislike it in a season where all of your pitchers are coming off, at best, a 60 to 70-inning workload, and I think making this change after an abbreviated 2020, I think frankly, a chance to leave a lot of guys pitching to the brink of injury or just being gassed overall,” Forst said. “I do wish we would have more flexibility right now and we’re able to augment the pitching staff, because I think the last couple times through the rotation, I think guys have worked hard all year and they’re giving what they’ve got for the last month of the season, but we’re asking a lot of our guys.”

The A’s September call-ups brought on Khris Davis, who was hitting .333/.382/.921 with 10 home runs in 16 games. Oakland also brought up catcher Austin Allen, who was hitting .321 himself. 

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This does add more pressure on the starters, especially after losing Chris Bassitt to a facial injury after he was hit with a line drive.


It’ll be interesting to see if the rule remains in place after the offseason Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations, but for now, it appears overall, many aren’t a fan of it. Especially a team like the A’s, which is in the thick of a tight wild card race.