Why A's Luzardo was motivated by 'stupid' pinky injury


Jesús Luzardo will be the first to admit the way he sustained the hairline fracture in his left pinky was stupid. It was caused by playing video games and it resulted in him missing a month. All things considered, however, he’s thankful it wasn’t worse. 

The Athletics pitcher admitted he was frustrated during the rehab process, but didn’t lack any motivation to get back onto the staff. 

“Yeah, like you said, it was extremely frustrating at times, but just being around the team when they were at home, that’s what really helped me out,” Luzardo told NBC Sports California’s Brodie Brazil. “Just being able to be around the guys, still go to the game -- watch the game, even when they were on the road, they were winning, they were doing their thing. It just kind of felt like I was still a part of the team.”

“That really motivated me,” Luzardo said.

Luzardo sustained the injury a few hours before his start against the Baltimore Orioles on May 1, but still went out and pitched three innings.

“I was blessed that it wasn’t that bad,” Luzardo added. “Hairline fracture, I pitched that day, and I think it helped me mentally. I was able to pitch that day through some discomfort.” 


You could see Luzardo roaming around the dugout, talking to his teammates as he waited to be activated off the Injured List, and he still maintained a smile through it all. 

Following his rehab assignment with Triple-A Las Vegas, Luzardo has made three appearances for the A’s in relief. In six innings, he’s struck out nine and allowed two earned runs.

“And also, just myself, like I said, it was a stupid injury and I wanted to come back and show that’s not me, that’s not what I’m like so it was kind of a self-motivated thing I had to tell myself and just motivate myself to get back out there and show them I can do it,” Luzardo said.

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Luzardo also credited the A’s training staff for keeping him on the right path.

“I’m thankful for them.”