Why Luzardo, Wendelken have 'no doubt' A's will bounce back


Jesús Luzardo’s tough start against the Chicago White Sox in Game 1 of the AL Wild Card Series puts the A's on the brink of yet another elimination game on Wednesday.

It’s a tough sentence to type, but another tough pill for Oakland to swallow. And yet, Luzardo and reliever J.B. Wendelken didn’t appear flustered or worried after Tuesday's 4-1 loss.

“I have no doubt in this team, I know most of the guys don’t have any doubt in this team, I know that there’s a lot of pessimism going around from a lot of people, but not in this clubhouse,” Luzardo said after the game. “We don’t let that get in this clubhouse. Whatever is said negatively about our team, we don’t let it get in our head.”

Luzardo gave up two home runs and six hits against the Sox on Tuesday, but also struck out five and didn’t give up a walk in the process. 

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“Two mistakes, two home runs,” Luzardo said. “Obviously, it’s a team that hits a lot of home runs, and they capitalized on those two mistakes.” 


“I know [Chris] Bassitt is going to go out there and dominate tomorrow and the hitters are going to hit and we’ll go to Game 3 and see what happens,” Luzardo added.

Wendelken, who was stellar in relief of Luzardo, echoed the sentiments of the young lefty. He emphatically stated that Oakland will turn things around in Game 2.

“We’ll bounce back -- never a doubt in my mind,” Wendelken said. “This team’s so ready to play it’s not even funny. It’s one of those things where, when we’re down we’re always going to pick it back up so I feel very confident we’ll bounce back tomorrow and win the next few games.”

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The reliever also left reporters with a pretty good sentiment about how the sport loves to humble us.

“Baseball is a love/hate sport,” Wendelken said. “It hates you sometimes, it loves you other times.”