Northern California has its fair share of great professional jerseys.

NBC Sports Bay Area compiled 16 of them in a tweet Thursday, asking fans to choose their favorite in a "March Madness"-esque bracket. Narrowing the list down to a "Final Four" is easy, but picking a top option is one tall order.

As far as I'm concerned, each region features a clear winner: The kelly green A's jerseys, the Sharks' original teal jerseys, the Kings' black jerseys from the Chris Webber-Vlade Divac-Mike Bibby era and the 49ers' all-white throwbacks popularized during their Super Bowl-winning 1994 season. Each, arguably, is the sharpest look that each team has worn.

The A's introduced their kelly green jerseys to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their move to Oakland. The players think the jerseys are perfect, and it's hard to argue with them. They're a great tribute to the team's iconic roots, with a vintage aesthetic that also feels right at home in modern baseball.

The Sharks' first teal jerseys simply are iconic, simultaneously appearing timeless and distinctly of their time. The teal is straight out of the early 1990s, while the jersey's piping fits right in with other iconic hockey sweaters. There's a reason San Jose defenseman Brent Burns said last season that every NHL player grew up loving the Sharks' aesthetic.

The black jerseys the Kings wore from 1994 through 2002 are beautiful in their simplicity. Purple only acts as an accent color, but its combination with the powerful font spelling out "Kings" and the black base of the jersey is distinctly sleek. Sacramento fans associate these jerseys with the best and most heartbreaking times, but the Kings looked good doing it.


The 49ers reintroduced their all-white jerseys this season, wearing the rare throwback to a jersey that was once, itself, a throwback jersey. San Francisco's all-white design is based on the team's 1955 jerseys, and the Niners wore them in 1994 during the NFL's 75th anniversary season.

Take one look at the jerseys, and you'll understand why the players desperately wanted to wear them in Super Bowl LIV.

But one jersey stands above the rest, and that's the A's kelly-green look.

It just checks all the boxes. The jersey is a throwback that manages to feel fresh, since the A's hadn't utilized kelly green on their jerseys in a while. It's also unique, as one of the few home jerseys in baseball that features the name of a team's city rather than their nickname.

I mean, just look at the jersey.

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