Why Romo decided to sign with A's despite other offers


Sergio Romo arrived at A’s camp and it appeared he instantly would fit into the Oakland culture. A’s manager Bob Melvin referred to the 13-year veteran reliever as a “free spirit.”

He sure was.

Romo came to his media availability on Saturday with a boisterous welcome and said wearing green was “gnarly.” It looks like it will be a perfect fit.

“Being here, it brings a different excitement, different atmosphere, different style of play, a style of play that matches my own,” Romo told reporters Saturday. “Very aggressive, very underdog like, but gritty, grindy, dirty, let’s go get that dub -- that’s what I like and I’ve admired from afar from the Oakland A’s.”

Romo officially signed his one-year contract with the A’s on Thursday.

The 37-year-old said when it comes to his new team, one of the best parts is he doesn’t believe he’ll have to change who he is to fit in with the A’s. He even said he asked his agent specifically if the A’s called because Romo believed he could do well here.

“I did have multiple teams call,” Romo said. “Teams that called and interest in me was through the roof. The opportunities to win now wasn’t necessarily with every organization that called me. That’s why I was asking about the A’s, because this team has a chance to win, this team wants to win and expects to win. So again I wanted to be a part of that.” 


Romo says he’s thankful to the A’s organization for calling him and believing he still could compete at this level.

Across 13 seasons, Romo boasts a 2.95 ERA with a 1.15 WHIP. 

Although Romo already is a three-time World Series champion from his time with the Giants, the goal for him remains the same: winning.

“I mean, again, I want to win,” Romo said. “Being here that’s kind of the whole point in being in an organization like this. They expect to win. The pieces here, although on paper they might not be the best team, whatever -- or projections or whatnot, but this team has self-respect. These players, and I’ve been watching it for a handful of days now to where the intent is to win. The intent is to go out, I guess in a sense -- hockey terms, knock some teeth out, and I want to be a part of that.”

“This is the place for me right now, let’s do it,” Romo added.

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Romo has spent every offseason in San Francisco since 2012. His last official season with the Giants was 2016. He says he still gets approached by fans and told "thank you" for bringing three World Series championships to the city of San Francisco. 

“The fact that I get to stay at home -- you know I’ve made a home in San Francisco over the years,” Romo said. “Blessed with the time with the Giants and the things we were able to accomplish there,” Romo said. “Being back in the Bay, it’s a blessing.”