Why Rosenthal decided to sign with A's in free agency


Closer Trevor Rosenthal officially signed a one-year contract with the A’s on Monday, and despite multiple teams reaching out, this was where he was meant to be. 

“It was just a long process, and it was really good to see a lot of the interest that we had, but how normally these things work out -- and I think it worked out this time where seeing that Oakland had the most interest and really valued me being a part of this team,” Rosenthal said Tuesday.

It’s something Rosenthal said as a player, he really values. He’s now part of an organization where he feels welcomed, but naturally, there’s more to it than that. 

“On the other side, just a great franchise, a great history here with the team a winning team, a team that puts out a competitive brand of baseball, exciting brand of baseball and looking at that over the years from across the field in the dugout is very attractive and appealing,” Rosenthal said. “When I got to the point of evaluating those things, it’s something that ultimately I really wanted to be a part of an experience for myself. I’m excited to be here.” 

Last season with the Kansas City Royals and the San Diego Padres, Rosenthal boasted a 1.90 ERA with 38 strikeouts in 23 2/3 innings pitched.

Rosenthal was part of a few A’s moves toward the end of the offseason that brought in reliever Sergio Romo and brought back Yusmeiro Petit on a one-year deal. The A’s also acquired left-handed pitcher Adam Kolarek in a trade with the Dodgers, who also will be a steady contributor to the bullpen.

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Rosenthal will attempt to fill the void of Liam Hendriks, who had been the A’s dominant closer of the last couple of seasons.

“Bringing in some veteran guys like myself, and Romo and Petit, I think that adds just a lot of depth for this upcoming season where we’re going to have a bit of a longer schedule than we did last year I think that’s really going to factor in,” Rosenthal said.