A young fan switched from an A's shirt and revealed he was sporting an Astros jersey underneath at a recent Oakland-Houston game.

His initial act of wearing an A’s shirt was done to ensure catcher Chris Herrmann could pick him out of the Minute Maid Park crowd and toss him a souvenir ball.

It worked. And the clip went viral.

We were curious to know about the kid who caused all the commotion online, and found him and his mom to be simple yet passionate fans ... of both teams. 

"I'm surprised," 12-year-old Daniel Harris of Houston told NBC Sports California.

He didn't realize how much attention the short clip would receive. 

Daniel wasn't sure why he came up with the plan, but his friend had an A's shirt, and he's done this before.

"About 50 times," said his mother, Tandy. "More than 50 times."

The Harris family has been Astros season-ticket holders since Daniel was just 2. 

But Daniel did the shirt swap simply out of fandom. Nothing harsh or bad behind it, despite what some comments on the Internet might perceive.  

And his mother admitted when he threw the A's jersey on the ground after getting the ball, he was showing off a bit for his friends who also were in attendance. He'd never done that part before.


"I was excited," Daniel added.

"Normally he would have just caught the ball and sit down, and it would be done," Tandy said. "Then his friend was like, 'I want you to trick the A's and then take your shirt off and be like, ‘Hey, I'm really an Astros fan.’ " 

A simple tease.

"It wasn't aggression," Tandy said. "He was putting on an act for his friend."

"We're Astros lifers," she added. But she also said the family is connected to the A's -- they’re huge supporters of the team, actually.

"Ironically," she added. I could hear her smiling through the phone.

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Daniel is a representative of The Stuttering Association for the Young, which Astros outfielder George Springer supports as a spokesperson. 

Tandy added the family has personal relationships with some of the Astros players, and laughed when she added she's connected to the "pathetic [Astros] lifers."