Chiefs vs. Titans live stream: How to watch AFC Championship online, on TV

Chiefs vs. Titans live stream: How to watch AFC Championship online, on TV

It's been a long year for the Kansas City Chiefs and the fans that cheer them on each week.

Last year, the team couldn't make it to the big game, and they're praying history doesn't repeat itself when they take on the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday.

They'll have their work cut out for them having to face Derrick Henry. In the regular season, the running back averaged 102.7 yards per game with 18 total touchdowns. 

The Titans' run game could play a huge role in the possible success of the team.

The Chiefs, however, come into the matchup amidst a seven-game winning streak and are the favorites to advance to the Super Bowl against either the Green Bay Packers or the 49ers.

The Niners host the Packers Sunday for the NFC title game in a matchup that will have Jimmy Garoppolo facing someone he used to root for in college.

An old tweet resurfaced of Jimmy G cheering on Aaron Rodgers years ago in an NFC-division game that added to a warm-fuzzy storyline feeling. And the 49ers will do it with an advantage of no additional injuries heading into the game.

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Two of these four teams will head to Miami for Super Bowl LIV.

Here's how you can watch Sunday's AFC Championship matchup as the Chiefs host the Titans:

Start time: Sunday, Jan. 19, at 12:05 p.m. PT
TV Channel: CBS
Live StreamfuboTV -- Get a free trial

Meeting Warriors' Steph Curry left soccer star Neymar starstruck, shaking


Meeting Warriors' Steph Curry left soccer star Neymar starstruck, shaking

Neymar is arguably one of the best soccer players in the world. He goes by one name if you needed any kind of confirmation for that.

Well that, and countless honors including a two-time South American Football of the Year Award, many league championships and a 2011 Brazil Golden Ball. 

He came to be this well-known phenom at an early age making his professional debut at just 17 years old. 

One would think there's no way Neymar could be star-struck by anyone, right? Well, perhaps that's true ... until he met Steph Curry.

"Steph is one of my favorite NBA players," Neymar said in an interview with House of Highlights. "He was one of the stars I met that made me starstruck."

Neymar admitted he was even shaking when the two met.

"Because wanting to or not, I am also a fan," he added. "It was a unique moment for me."

The two have plenty in common in addition to being two of the most famous sports stars on the planet. Both of their dads played professionally and the bond they share with being dads of their own.

The two also share success in being famous beyond their sports.

The fandom Neymar possesses for Steph is no surprise. 

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Curry's resume includes six All-Star selections and two MVP Awards on top of three NBA championships pretty much seals the deal. 

Curry's also still among the NBA's top jersey sales despite playing in only four games this season.

49ers' George Kittle photobombed by The Rock in roster Google search


49ers' George Kittle photobombed by The Rock in roster Google search

You can figure anything out simply by Googling it.

How to fix a flat tire, what your horoscope's love compatibility is (be wary of an Aquarius and Taurus together), and George Kittle.

But the 49ers tight end has a different situation when you Google the 49ers' roster -- he's not alone in his photo. He's joined by WWE superstar turned actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson:

Typically, you'd like to have a solo photo when someone is curious about you, but in this case, I'm sure Kittle's willing to make an exception.

Kittle is a wrestling fan, a hardcore one. So hardcore in fact, during a postgame press conference last year, he tried to get everyone to speed it up in order to get to a WWE event.

He also recently sported some "The Rock" inspired cleats.

The Rock himself finds himself becoming a fan of Kittle as well.

After the 34-31 Week 16 win over the Rams, Kittle had a notification from the actor:

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The Rock played football at the University of Miami as a defensive tackle, so he has a gridiron background himself.

And with the way the 49ers are playing, perhaps a meet-and-greet between the two of them would take place soon in Miami for Super Bowl LIV. It's the least they could do after "sharing" a place on the roster with one another.