Watch Antonio Brown mic'd up at Raiders mandatory minicamp practice

Watch Antonio Brown mic'd up at Raiders mandatory minicamp practice

"Let's put a show on today."

Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown was chatting with quarterback Derek Carr during a recent mandatory minicamp and we were able to hear it all during an installment of "Mic'd Up."

The two went out on to the practice field and it was apparent Brown hasn't slowed down since being acquired by the Silver and Black.

He makes it look effortless as he grabs everything within reach all while receiving compliments from his quarterback.

As the team stood around on the sidelines, coach Jon Gruden added to the nice words saying AB was "killing it." And Brown responded in the most Brown-like way by saying he's going to kill it every day for Gruden.

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AB has been truly dominating in his role being called the hardest worker Gruden has ever seen. The receiver came into his new digs fully prepared, and is not afraid to shy away on giving the team feedback while receiving advice from others as well.

This season will be an interesting one. 

Drake told by NBA to not attend Finals Game 6 in Oakland, father says

Drake told by NBA to not attend Finals Game 6 in Oakland, father says

As the time ticked away during Game 6 of the NBA Finals, a familiar face was nowhere to be seen.

Where was Drake?

It turns out it's because the NBA reached out to the rapper/actor and asked him to personally not travel to Oakland for any remainder of games that were to be played at Oracle Arena due to "security concerns," TMZ Sports reported Saturday morning.

"We're told the league expressed concern about potentially angry Warriors fans doing something stupid like taunting Drake or throwing stuff at him ... which wouldn't just put Drake at risk, but also other people sitting near him."

Drake's dad, Dennis Graham, spoke to TMZ and agreed it was better if he stayed away from the game that ultimately crowned the Toronto Raptors as NBA champions.

"When people see you in Toronto and you're making sideline things like that you have to be careful," Graham told TMZ. "With the rowdy fans, you can't take chances."

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The back and forth between Drake and the Warriors created some drama and plenty of tension, so this was definitely a smart move on the NBA's part.

He ended up leading a Finals watch party at Jurrasic Park in Toronto and it appeared the Raptors' "global ambassador" had a great time celebrating accordingly. 

Why Eric Byrnes believes A's still in hunt despite major inconsistency


Why Eric Byrnes believes A's still in hunt despite major inconsistency

Hearing Eric Byrnes talk about the Oakland A's was quite the treat. Despite the chat over the phone, I could hear him beaming through the speaker.

"I'm unapologetically biased toward the A's," Byrnes told NBC Sports California. "I've rooted for both them and the Giants when I was a kid."

The former Oakland big-league outfielder turned MLB Network analyst sees the promise of an organization that has everything in its possession to be in the hunt for a playoff spot. And despite a personal rooting interest, he knows the trials the team has had to deal with. And it all began when they were racking up frequent flier miles before the rest of the league had even begun to play.

"They were traveling all over the world," Byrnes said. "The Japan series that started off -- I did a break down a couple of weeks ago when they went on that winning streak and won 10 in a row. It's incredible. We charted their travel -- they were still second to the Mariners as far as miles, but it's insane the amount of trips they've been taking."

Coming off a 10-game road trip in which they went 6-4, the A's arrived back in Oakland this week to begin a 10-game homestand against the Seattle Mariners.

But that wasn't the case previously -- the A's weren't steady.

"It's just one of those things where I think eventually they got comfortable with it and they end up winning their 10 in a row and on the brink of that they lost five in a row," Byrnes said. "They've just been inconsistent."

But Byrnes has faith.

"I see them being in the hunt for the Wild Card just like they were last year," Byrnes said. "One of these years -- if they can figure out a way -- this team is going to win."

The team also had some unique pressure heading into the season-long road trip and insane international time changes aside. Those 97 wins last year, while great, created a heavy burden heading into 2019. 

"I think the A's shocked everybody by winning 97 games last year," Byrnes said, "So they came into the season with all sorts of expectation where they came into the last season with no expectation."

Those expectations aren't too out of reach for a team that Byrnes loves to talk about.

He called what pitcher Frankie Montas is doing "absolutely filthy," and complimented Chris Bassitt who is sensational when "he's on it."

And that lineup -- boy does he love that lineup.

"I think Matt Chapman is one of the best players in baseball," Byrnes said. "Matt Olson -- when he gets going, he's one of the best power threats in baseball -- there's so much to like -- Ramón Laureano in the outfield ... "

"I just think that there are organizations where they're going to have to catch lightning in the bottle and you're going to have to have a lot of guys overperforming or at least performing better than what their projections would be in order to win," Byrnes said. "I mean, you look at Minnesota right now and why they got off to such a hot start -- it's like you have a bunch of dudes that are playing above their means. At least above the average of what they normally do."

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That's what the A's need to do. They're good -- very good, but they need to be great. Then amazing things will happen.

"When I look at them as far as what they're capable of doing, it's getting to the playoffs and from there," Byrnes said. "Unfortunately, the A's haven't had the best luck in the playoffs I think one of these years we just gotta get Lady Luck on our side."