So, what’s Canada’s deal right now?

First, some Raptors fans appeared to cheer Monday after Warriors star Kevin Durant dropped to the court with an Achilles injury during Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Then, video of other Raptors fans profanely jeering Steph Curry’s parents outside their Toronto hotel was released. Nevermind that Steph's father, Dell, is a former Raptor who had been beloved in the city.

And now this: Sharp rebukes from TSN’s Women’s World Cup studio coverage team Tuesday after Team USA routed Thailand 13-0 in its tournament opener.

The goal total was a tournament record, and the former Canadian players on the TSN panel had issues with the Americans running up the score — and celebrating in the process.

Some highlights from our friends in the North:

“This was disgraceful coming from the United States.”

“It’s disrespectful, it’s disgraceful, and hats off to Thailand for holding their head high. ... I’d love to be there to just hug them all.”

“Embarrassed is the word for [US women's national team coach] Jill Ellis for how she led her team in this one.”

And, in light of Canadian fans’ treatment of KD and the Currys the previous day, this sentiment seemed particularly rich:

“As a Canadian, we would just never, ever think of doing something like that.”


Someone wasn't watching the Warriors-Raptors game the other night ...

Canadians’ angst toward the USWNT probably can be traced to the 2012 Olympics semifinal match between the teams. Two disputed calls led to a game-tying penalty kick by Abby Wambach, and Alex Morgan — the target of TSN’s venom Tuesday — drove home the winner in extra time.

Canada was denied gold. And wasn’t happy about it. Understandable.

Then, three years later, the USWNT won the Women’s World Cup on Canadian soil. That had to hurt.

If these past few days have taught us anything about our neighbors, it’s this: Canadians truly are friendly people — until sports are involved. Then all bets are off, and the trash talk is on.

So, they’re just like us.

Twitter reaction to the USWNT's scoring spree was mixed, with media members, former players and others giving their opinions on how the Americans handled themselves on the world stage against an obviously overmatched opponent.

Here’s the bottom line: The Americans are No. 1 in FIFA’s world rankings, 33 spots ahead of the Thais. This result should’ve been expected, even if the reaction to it was not.

USWNT’s next opponent, Chile, is ranked five spots lower than Thailand, so Sunday should bring another American victory. Judging by the reaction to the opener, though, that victory could only be on the pitch, not in the court of public opinion.