Super Bowl LIV. 49ers vs. Chiefs. Fourth quarter. Third-and-15 ... you know what comes next.

It's a play Niners fans would love to forget, but one that Chiefs fans can't watch enough. Unfortunately for 49ers fans, the highlight has been shown, talked about and broken down repeatedly for the last week and a half. And now, it's being added to EA Sports "Madden NFL 20."

In case you've been living under a rock, here's the play known as Jet Chip Wasp:

Tyreek Hill, the player on the receiving end of the Patrick Mahomes deep ball, took to Twitter to put in his request for the play to be added to Madden.

EA Sports quickly responded to the Chiefs receiver, telling him that his request is coming soon.

Those fans who can't get enough of the third-and-15 play can now run it on their own with video game Mahomes and Hill.

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And for those 49ers fans who still can't believe it happened, perhaps stopping the third-and-15 play on "Madden" can make you feel a little bit better.