Golden Guardians kick off League of Legends, Apex Legends competitions


The Golden Guardians, the Warriors’ esports organization, dive headfirst into two major international competitions over the weekend.

First, the recently announced Apex Legends team will begin play in its first tournament since joining GG, as the Electronic Arts Apex Legends Global Series kicks off Saturday with its first of 12 international live events. The tournament features the best of the best from around the world and has over $3 million in prize money up for grabs. The Guardians will be sending a trio of talented players, all of whom have an established pedigree in the burgeoning battle royale genre.

Timothy “iiTzTimmy” An is a San Francisco native with a background in a variety of titles, and with over 500 percent growth over the past seven months on Twitch, is one of the fastest-growing players in the sport.

Deston “Bronzey” Nguyen comes to GG after a successful stint with SoaR gaming and has a plethora of top-three finishes despite being just 19 years old.

Finally, Devon “Pfitter” Self has over eight years of experience in first-person shooters, and most recently played professionally with SpaceStation Gaming in 2019.

With the LoL LCS getting underway this Saturday, GG isn’t fazed by the doubters who have placed the roster last in many preseason power rankings.

Golden Guardians made a pair of high-profile acquisitions this offseason, bringing in Can “Closer” Celik and Greyson “GoldenGlue” Gilmer. 

Celik comes to GG after being named MVP of the Turkish Championship League and leading Royal Youth to a championship in the Summer split.


"Everyone has a lot of potential, but since we haven't started scrimming, it's hard to tell where we'll end up or how good we'll be," Çelik said (h/t's Emily Rand.) "But I feel like we will not be a last-place team, for sure."

GoldenGlue spent last season with Cloud9 Academy and is the only North American-born player competing in the mid lane this season.

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Golden Guardians begin the LoL slate on Saturday, Jan. 25 against 100 Thieves at 4 p.m. You can see the full schedule and stream matches here.

Learn more about the team and how to watch all of the Golden Guardians’ events at