Kings Guard Gaming finishes week one of NBA 2K League season with 1-1 record


Kings Guard Gaming started Season 3 of the NBA 2K League a little slow with a loss on Day 1, but was able to bounce back in their second matchup to even their season record at 1-1.

In the first week of play, KGG matched up against both California rivals, Warriors Gaming Squad and Lakers Gaming.

Kings Guard was playing well entering the start of the season winning the inaugural "Coast-to-Coast Cup" and reaching the semi-finals of the "Three-for-All Showdown."

However, the team came out a bit slow against WGS on Tuesday in the first game of the three-game set. Warriors Gaming Squad got off to a big lead in the first half 42-26.

Kings Guard kept grinding and was able to battle back into the game getting as close as two points late in the 4th quarter. Bash balled out for the Kings with 41 points, but ultimately it wasn't enough to beat the Warriors, losing 70-67.

Game 2 of the three-game set was much of the same for Kings Guard. The team started slow and had a rather large deficit to make up before both teams started to experience some connection issues.

Connections issues aren't a new obstacle for the NBA 2K League, but being that all gameplay for at least the first six weeks is being done remotely, it creates a new hurdle for teams and the league.


Because both sides were experiencing issues with connection to the server, the game was restarted, however WGS had a +11 advantage because of their lead prior to the restart. Once the game restarted, KGG hit another gear and was able to work back into the lead. Comebacks seem to be something Kings Guard Gaming is quite comfortable doing.

Kings Guard Gaming fell short by just one point which led to the team's first series loss of the season.

Thursday against Lakers Gaming played out a lot like Tuesday's games against Warriors Gaming Squad, however this time, Kings Guard Gaming was able to pull out the wins.

In the first game against the Lakers, Kings Guard went down early once again, trailing 37-24 at the half. The Kings would battle back and end up tying the game at 58-58 with about 1:30 left in the 4th quarter.

Bash came up with a clutch 3-pointer to give the Kings the lead and they would hold on for the first win.

Kings Guard Gaming experienced connection issues in Game 2 of the set, but this time, it was just minutes into the game. The game was reset with the Lakers having a +5 advantage and was scheduled to end with 1:42 left in the 4th quarter.

After overcoming the five-point advantage, Kings Guard Gaming played well throughout the rest of the game. Bash lead the team in scoring with 30 points and Dat Boy Shotz recorded a double-double with 15 points and 11 rebounds.

The 64-56 win over Lakers Gaming gave Kings Guard Gaming the 2-0 series sweep and their first victory of the season.

The first week of the season for Kings Guard Gaming had multiple comebacks and connection issues, but the result is a 1-1 start to begin Season 3 of the NBA 2K League.