Warriors Gaming Squad ends undefeated season, loses series to Jazz Gaming


Warriors Gaming Squad can no longer say they're undefeated in Season 3 of the NBA 2K League after being handed their first loss by Jazz Gaming on Wednesday.

WGS (6-1) didn't look quite like themselves all night in a tough three-game series against the Jazz (4-1).

The Warriors started the night off slow with a 74-61 loss in Game 1 of the series, which is also the first time they've done so this season. Jazz Gaming was led by Splashy, who had 44 points and nine threes.

WGS bounced back in the second game with close five-point victory. It was an all-around team effort in Game 2. CB13 and Bsmoove combined for 51 points while Slaughter earned himself a double-double with 10 points and 12 rebounds.

For just the third time this season, WGS would play in the third and final game of a series.

Game 3 ended with the Warriors losing big to the Jazz 84-66, but the game didn't look to be going that way in the first half. It was a back and forth battle through the first two quarters with the Dubs trailing by just four points at halftime.

WGS hasn't let many games get away from them this season, but Jazz Gaming began to pull away in the third quarter and it wasn't really close after that.

One loss is not anything to worry about, but it leaves Raptors Uprising GC as the lone remaining undefeated squad.


The first six weeks of online remote play has wrapped for Warriors Gaming Squad, but the NBA 2K League announced on Tuesday that they'll be extending it for an additional five weeks.

The league also announced the first in-season tournament, The Tipoff, will take place next week from June 16-19.