Warriors Gaming Squad to play in tournament featuring 16 2K League teams

Courtesy of Warriors Gaming Squad

Warriors Gaming Squad to play in tournament featuring 16 2K League teams

While the 2020 NBA 2K League season is still postponed due to the coronavirus, teams continue to put together exhibition tournaments to keep both players and fans engaged.

"Spring 16" is next up, and starts on April 10 with 16 of 23 NBA 2K League teams taking part in the tournament.

Warriors Gaming Squad will be in the tournament facing Cavs Legion GC in the first round on Saturday.

WGS participated last week in the "Three for All Showdown," a three-on-three tournament with an XBOX and PS4 bracket. Their XBOX squad won their first two rounds of matchups against Jazz Gaming and Team Retribution, but ultimately lost to Kings Guard Gaming in the quarterfinals.

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Hornets Venom GT is organizing the "Spring 16" tournament and will also feature: 76ers Gaming, Blazer5 Gaming, Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai, Grizz Gaming, Hawks Talon GC, Knicks Gaming, Lakers Gaming, Magic Gaming, Nets Gaming Crew, Pacers Gaming, Raptors Uprising GC, T-Wolves Gaming, Warriors and Wizards District Gaming.

Bash shows he belongs on Kings Guard Gaming through heroics, hot start

Kings Guard Gaming

Bash shows he belongs on Kings Guard Gaming through heroics, hot start

It all came down to one possession in Kings Guard Gaming's 60-58 win over Grizz Gaming on Friday. 

Kings Guard trailed by one point with 1.1 seconds remaining in the second game of a best-of-three series. They had the ball, and a chance at a game-winning -- and series-clinching -- shot.

Bash, the point guard, stood at the top of the arc and ran right. Drawing his defender into a screen, he cut back in the opposite direction, received the in-bound pass and pulled up for a 3-point shot.

A perfect shot.

A game-winning shot, the first of his NBA 2K League career.

His controller didn't stay in his hands much longer.

You probably wouldn't believe it if someone told you last season that Matt Robles, aka Bash, would come up clutch.

After all, he wasn't even drafted last season. Seventy-five selections were made across four rounds, and Robles' gamer tag wasn't called.

Now, he's out to prove them all wrong.

"I use it as motivation," he told NBC Sports Bay Area in an interview Thursday, prior to his game-winning heroics. "I was undrafted last year and I feel like I, 100 percent, could’ve helped a lot of teams last year that needed point guards. I feel like I could’ve been that person. So this year is my year to show people you missed out. I could’ve helped your team."

Kings Guard wouldn't make the same mistake twice. They drafted Bash with their second first-round pick (No. 17 overall) in February's draft.

"I feel like a lot of people doubted me, people slept on me from before the league," he said. "The day I heard my name get called people were like ‘Who’s that? Why is he being drafted so high?’ "

With his game-winning shot Friday and impressive numbers through the first three weeks of his rookie season, Bash is answering all the questions.

The point guard is averaging 20.7 points in 12 games over five separate series, leading Kings Guard to a 3-2 record.

Bash has always been known as a scorer. Even before he was drafted, people familiar with his game knew Bash as a shooting guard with an elite scoring touch.

What people and teams weren't sure about was if he could run the point.

"People knew my name before the League, they thought, 'he’s gonna score the ball, make him pass. If we make him pass, that’s where he’s not as comfortable,' " Bash said. "So coming into the league, now it’s like, I’m drafted as a point guard, so I can’t be known as that guard that’s just like, 'Alright, he’s just gonna score the ball and that’s it.' What I did was I watched a lot of other PGs play, to see the certain things they would do to break down defenses."

That studying seems to be paying off for Bash, who's averaging just over six assists per game.

Kings Guard Gaming has a lot of room to grow with Bash and two other rookies, Crush and Nasthetic, filling out half of the six-player roster. They've had an up-and-down start to the season, alternating series wins and losses over the first two weeks as a result.

They blew teams out, but they also have been blown out. Kings Guard have pulled off huge comebacks, but they've also given up big leads.

That's par for the course for a team with so many rookies. Mix in the the fact that all these games are being played remotely, which the league has never done before, and Kings Guard's 3-2 series record over the first three weeks is really solid.

With all of that said, Bash isn't settling for the way the team is playing right now. He believes they can, and will, get better as the season goes on.

"I feel like right now we’re not playing bad, but we’re not playing like ourselves," he said. "We’re not playing at the level we all know we can play at. I feel like we’re a top team, championship contender top team. As long as we limit our turnovers and keep trusting each other on defense, the way we do, I like our chances."

There's still a lot of season left to play. The NBA 2K League will continue to be played remotely through Week 6, but what happens next is still unknown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether they're playing together in-person or online, Bash and Kings Guard will aim to continue developing into one of the NBA 2K League's best teams.

Warriors Gaming Squad, CB13 dominate Lakers Gaming, continue unbeaten season

Warriors Gaming Squad

Warriors Gaming Squad, CB13 dominate Lakers Gaming, continue unbeaten season

Warriors Gaming Squad has been impressive all season, but their performance in Tuesday night's win over Lakers Gaming may be the most impressive yet.

Led by CB13, the Warriors dominated the Lakers during the two-game sweep to keep the team's record at an undefeated 5-0.

In the second game of the set, the Warriors blew out the Lakers 105-47.


The 105 points scored by Warriors Gaming is tied for the second-most points scored in a single game by a team in NBA 2K League history. In fact, CB13 outscored Lakers Gaming by himself. He led all scorers with a career-high 53 points, going 23-36 from the field.

It was an outstanding all-around team performance by WGS. Every player scored double-digits in points and had no lower than an A- performance grade.

Not all games can be 58-point blowouts, though. The first game of the set was much closer, with the Warriors winning 69-60.

WGS got off to a hot start in the game, leading by as many at 12 points early in the second quarter. The Lakers fought back and brought the deficit to within two points midway through the third before the Warriors pulled away toward the end of the game and held on for a 9-point win.

CB13 and Bsmoove combined for 49 points, while Slaughter hauled in an impressive 25 rebounds, tying the entire Lakers team in Game 1.

Warriors Gaming Squad has a bye in Week 4, but will come back to face Hawks Talon GC and Blazers Gaming in Week 5 of remote NBA 2K League action.