Warriors Gaming Squad starts NBA 2K League season 2-0 after week one of play


Two matchups. Two wins.

Warriors Gaming Squad is a perfect 2-0 after the first week of play in Season 3 of the NBA 2K League.

In the first two matchups of the season, WGS squared off against their Northern California rivals, Kings Guard Gaming, and took part in the debut of the first NBA 2K League team from outside North America, Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai.

On Tuesday, the opening day for Season 3, WGS was able to take down KGG in the first two games of a best-of-three set.

In the first game of the set, WGS got off to a commanding lead. Going into halftime, Warriors lead the Kings 42-26. They were clicking on both sides of the ball and it looked like this game might be a blow out.

The Kings roared back making this a close game, but CB13 and Bsmoove were too much too handle for the Kings. Warriors took Game 1, 70-67.

Game 2 played out much like the first game with one hiccup along the way.

CB13, once again, was giving KGG trouble on the offensive end.

With the Warriors up 11 points halfway through the second game, both teams felt the server connection wasn’t up to standard. If they were playing in studio, the game could be restarted, officials could change the time, score, and placement of ball to make it as if nothing happened.

However in remote play, that’s just not possible. Officials restarted the game but gave the Warriors a +11 advantage and did the math to determine at what point the game would end.

Connection issues aren’t new for Esports Leagues, however, those problems while in remote play can cause a bit more of a headache.

KGG got right back into the game once it was restarted, but WGS was able to squeak by with a one-point win.

On Thursday, WGS played their second matchup of the season, and it was a historic one, but mostly for the Warriors’ opponent. Gen.G is a very well-known organization in Esports, however, this was their debut in the NBA 2K League.

Along with being the first team outside North America, they are also the first team to be in the league without an association to an NBA team.

Game 1 of the three-game set had a bit of everything.

It had back and forth action, a lot of scoring, and even this insane poster from Bsmoove.

The game went to overtime tied at 74, but WGS was able to pull away in the OT period, cruising to a 89-79 win.

Just like Kings Guard Gaming, Gen.G had a tough time trying to stop the WGS’ backcourt of CB13 and Bsmoove.

Game 2 of the set was the first loss of the season for WGS. It was not because of a lack of scoring from CB13, who scored a career-high 49 points. But the loss sent the series to a third and final game.

Game 3 was back and forth all game. Although the Warriors went into the half with a 37-28 lead, the Tigers would come right back in the second half to make it a close game down to the last few seconds of the game.

With WGS leading 70-68 with just a few seconds on the clock, Gen.G missed their chance to tie the game, handing Warriors Gaming Squad the game and series win. CB13 shined in the series scoring a combined 114 points.

Both matchups to start the season weren’t perfectly played, however, WGS can say they’re 2-0, which at the end of the day, is all that matters.