Giants' Wood makes strong case Bonds should be in Hall of Fame


Barry Bonds is on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for the 10th and final time this year, and Giants starting pitcher Alex Wood has no time for those who believe Bonds shouldn't be in Cooperstown.

Wood, who signed a two-year, $25 million contract this offseason to stay in San Francisco, called out the hypocrisy of bringing up Bonds' alleged steroid use while making his voice heard Monday on Twitter. 

The veteran lefty followed that up by tweeting he feels the same about Roger Clemens, who won seven Cy Young Awards and won 354 games but also is in his 10th and final try to be elected into the Hall. 

Bonds has every statistical argument and record to make the case he should have been a no-brainer first-ballot choice. Yet here he is, still being punished by writers who wish for revenge on Bonds for being connected to PEDs. 

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The all-time home run king and seven-time NL MVP received just 61.8 percent of the votes last year. That was a 1.1 percent increase from his vote total the year before. Candidates need at least 75 percent to be enshrined. 

In a Hall of Fame ballot that is full of former Giants legends, including Tim Lincecum, nobody compares to Bonds, and Wood won't stand for another year of Barry not hearing his name called.


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