Editor's note: The above video is from Jan. 19, 2016.

SAN FRANCISCO -- At the annual Play Ball Lunch on Thursday afternoon, Jon Miller jokingly asked Bruce Bochy for his Opening Day lineup. Bochy said he was still thinking about it, but added that the night game would provide a good preview. 

So, here you go ... 

Span CF
Panik 2B
Posey C
Pence RF
Belt 1B
Duffy 3B
Crawford SS
Samardzija RHP
Pagan LF

Angel Pagan hit ninth when the starters were together three times during spring training, but Matt Duffy had been hitting third. Bochy met with Duffy in Surprise, Ariz. on Tuesday night to let him know a change was coming. 

"He could be a good swing guy to break up Belt and Crawford," Bochy said. "I'm going to take a look at it tonight. That doesn't mean this is how it's going to be. We've got three games here which allow me to take a look at it. It just makes it a little tougher for (opponents) to get matchups, especially late in the game."

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The matchup Bochy is trying to avoid: A tough left-handed reliever coming in to face Belt and Crawford back-to-back in a big spot. There's not much else to think about during this series against the A's, as Bochy said he'll play his regulars quite a bit and he'll continue to hit the pitcher eighth, with Pagan ninth. (That's another reason for the Duffy switch; if you have Pagan as a "second" leadoff hitter, you want Buster Posey to get extra opportunities to knock him in.) 


Bochy met with his eight position players before BP to go over things. It wasn't necessary, but he wanted to do it to make sure guys knew that they weren't being moved because of a slump or a bad game. Part of his message was that he has a group he likes so much that he thinks he could pull names out of a hat and still have a good lineup that makes sense. Bochy said he actually did that once. 

"It didn't come out too good, so I didn't write it down," he said. "I think the pitcher was hitting fourth."

Madison Bumgarner would surely like that, but for now he'll hit eighth with other Giants pitchers. Will the new look last? 

"If we don't score a run in the next two days, you might see me scrambling," Bochy joked.