Bonds proud of his dog Rocky at 2021 Westminster Dog Show

Barry Bonds

From Home Run King to ... proud owner of a dog in the 2021 Westminster Dog Show. The life of Barry Bonds has had many twists and turns, and this might be the most surprising. 

Bonds' dog Rocky, a miniature schnauzer, competed at the top event for prize dogs and the Giants legend couldn't be more excited.

"This is just amazing," Bonds said on Fox Sports. "Just to be here, to see it -- it's beautiful. I've watched it on TV many of years, but to actually be here is amazing. And to actually have a dog here makes it even more gratifying." 

Bonds said he first became interested in show dogs when his sister bought a miniature schnauzer 25 years ago. He made sure to give her all the credit for Rocky, too. 

"She does all the work," Bonds said. "I'm not gonna sit up here and say I do. I don't do much. My sister does it all. I support her to death, she's my best friend in the whole wide world." 

As for how Bonds was feeling before Rocky competed, he said there weren't any nerves. 

However, he did have quite the comparison to his own career. 

"The reward is getting here," Bonds said. "He qualified and that's the reward. It's like I sit there and say it's like when I played baseball. It's just getting there, and I've been to a lot of playoffs and I've been to the World Series but I never won for 22 years, and I kept trying. But the actual thing is just the work ethic, how you do, how you get there.


"I'm just proud that he's here. I'm not expecting anything ... I'm just proud that he qualified and did a great job to get here."

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Rocky received Select Dog honors in the miniature schnauzer group, which amounts to second place for male dogs in the breed.

Bonds also has two other miniature schnauzers named Apollo and Adrienne. Yes, he likes the Rocky movies. 

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