Bay Area athletes react on Twitter to apocalyptic orange sky

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Everyone in the Bay Area on Wednesday morning might have thought they woke up on another planet. With dark, smoke-filled orange skies and not a ray of sunlight to be found due to the ongoing California wildfires, it had the feeling of the apocalypse.

Residents and athletes alike took to Twitter to share photos of what they were seeing, and the results were eerie.

Here's what Oracle Park looked like in downtown San Francisco at 10:29 a.m.

Giants reliever Caleb Baragar couldn't help but relate the orange sky to how hot the team is -- they've won seven of their last nine games -- and shared a video of what he was seeing.

And in an all-too-on-the-nose coincidence, the Giants signed Justin Smoak on Wednesday morning.

A's president Dave Kaval captured what it looked like at the Oakland Coliseum.

Warriors forward Eric Paschall couldn't believe what he was seeing when he woke up either.

Paschall's teammate, Damion Lee, echoed similar sentiments.

Giants bench coach Kai Correa snapped a photo of the sky from Oracle Park in the afternoon.

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Both the Giants and A's are scheduled to host games in San Francisco and Oakland on Wednesday night, respectively. If the sky stays as is, there should be even more otherworldly photographs and reactions.