Barry Bonds believes he will remain the all-time home run leader in baseball history with Father Time chasing out Alex Rodriguez before the Yankees' DH calls it a career. 

"He said he's only going to play two more years. He said he's retiring. So he's not going to do it in two more years if he's retiring," Bonds said to the New York Daily News.

Bonds, who is now back in baseball sporting a different form of the Orange and Black as the Marlins' hitting coach, holds the record with 762 long balls. Rodriguez, who will be 41 years old in July, has one homer this season heading into Tuesday night's game, and 688 for his career. 

After missing nearly two years with injuries and a season-long suspension, A-Rod returned to his slugging ways in 2015. The former three-time AL MVP smacked 33 home runs, his most since 2008 when he hit 35 at 32 years old.

Rodriguez needs 74 home runs to tie Bonds' record and 75 to pass him. The math and time just doesn't add up to Bonds. 

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"It's nothing against A-Rod. I love the guy. He's one of my best friends," Bonds said. "But just do the math. He'd have to hit close to 40 a year just to get there.

"He's the one who set the bar of retirement at two years. I don't think he can do that in two years. I'm just trying to be realistic."


If Rodriguez goes away from his word that he's retiring in two years, Bonds says the one extra season can help him break the record. 

"But in three years, if he plays longer, he could do it. If he says he's retiring, then, 'No, you won't.'"

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Even at 40 years old, with 41 right around the corner, Bonds expects big numbers for the rejuvenated Rodriguez. 

"I think he can hit 30 homers this year, I know he can hit 30 homers."

Bonds played his last game of his career with the Giants in 2007 at 43 years old, the same age A-Rod would retire at next season, and hit 28 home runs as an All-Star for the 14th and final time.