Braden Bishop talks relationship with brother Hunter


With two Bishops in the organization, the Giants are playing chess while the rest of the league is playing checkers. 

San Francisco recently claimed outfielder Braden Bishop, older brother of Giants' 2019 first-round pick Hunter Bishop. After a hot start with Triple-A Sacramento, the elder Bishop has begun to make a name for himself within the organization. 

Braden joined "Extra Innings" on KNBR 680 where he discussed his relationship with his brother Hunter, and how the two continue to lean on one another as they progress through the minor leagues. 

“I think the funniest thing about our relationship is that we’re separated by four and a half years so we never went to school together, we never played on any teams together because we just missed each other," Bishop told KNBR.

"We were so competitive growing up, and he was at that age where he was too young to ever beat me with skill because I was always bigger, I was always faster. Then once he gets to high school, he grows to 6’4”- 6’5” and I just plateaued at 6’1”, and ever since then it’s like “Nah it’s good, we’re not going to compete anymore.’"

The two brothers never had much of a chance to play together growing up because of the age difference. Now being on an even playing field, Hunter oftentimes relies on advice from his older brother who has already experienced the ups and downs of the minor leagues.

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"It’s definitely nice being in the same professional field and bouncing things off each other. For example, a lot of the anxieties that the game brings, we’re not alone and we’re doing it together. I’ve been through everything he’s been through and is going to go through."

The upper hand Braden had over Hunter as kids has since flipped. Drafted by the Giants with the 10th overall pick in the 2019 draft, the younger Bishop has begun his professional career with more potential and higher expectations than his brother did as a third-round draft pick by the Mariners in 2015.  

“He’s a special player, a special athlete," Braden said of Hunter. "I think when all is said and done and he figures it out -- if he figures it out -- I think he can be a really really good major league baseball player.”

With Braden in Triple-A and Hunter in High-A, the Bishop brothers may have a chance to roam the outfield together at Oracle Park one day. 

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