Brandon Belt blasts home plate umpire: 'You’re not sure if it’s on purpose'

Brandon Belt blasts home plate umpire: 'You’re not sure if it’s on purpose'

Brandon Belt homered for the third straight game Wednesday and has now hit a home run in his last five games against the Reds. That's not what he will remember from the afternoon, though. 

The Giants lost 6-3 to the Reds with a controversial called strike three on Belt. With a runner on first and Evan Longoria on deck, Belt let a fastball go by that appeared much out of the strike zone. But, not according to home plate umpire Doug Eddings. 

After the loss, Belt was irate with Eddings in the clubhouse, even questioning his motives on the called strikes that Belt certainly did not agree with. 

"It's tough because you hope an umpire doesn't affect a game like that, but he did and you're not sure if it's on purpose, either," Belt said to reporters. "We've heard that guy multiple times say that -- or insinuate -- that he's trying to get through the game fast. And then he makes calls like that where I can't imagine that he really thought was a strike, you gotta wonder." 

Belt was then asked about if he believes Eddings is really just trying to speed games up with his calls. 

"I don't know, but when you say it enough you start to believe it," Belt said. "I’m not sure if that’s connected or not, but if you don’t want it to be, then don’t say it.

“I’m not here to talk bad about the umpires. I think 99.9 percent of the umpires are great and I actually enjoy talking to them. But there’s just some times you have a feeling that one or two of them are trying to get the game over with, whether it’s through what they say or what they do, and that just can’t happen. You can’t have those guys affecting careers and affecting games like that.

“We had a really good hitter coming up after that who could have tied the game for us. And we never got that chance because he calls a ball that was so far off the plate I don’t even think I could have touched it if I swung at it."

Below you can see two pitches in Belt's last at-bat of the game that look outside of the zone, but were called strikes. 

Since 2015, data from Baseball Savant shows that Belt has taken the most called strike threes outside of the zone, with 50 in total. 

Belt has hit nine home runs, walked 24 times and struck out 41 times so far this season in 40 games. 

POLL: Giants Memorable Moments -- Cain's Perfect Game vs Winning 2010 NL Pennant


POLL: Giants Memorable Moments -- Cain's Perfect Game vs Winning 2010 NL Pennant

PROGRAMMING NOTE: NBC Sports Bay Area is looking back at the Giants' 60 Memorable Moments since the franchise moved from New York to San Francisco. Tune into Giants Pregame Live at 3pm to see the next two moments you can vote on! Then, after the Giants and Mets conclude, tune into Postgame Live to see which moment will move on.

1. Matt Cain's Perfect Game in 2012 (15-time winner -- Defeated Giants win 2012 NL Pennant against Cardinals in rain-soaked Game 7)

(From Matt Cain - Giants Pitcher, 2005-2017)

The Perfect Game was one of the most memorable nights of my playing career. 

I had always dreamed of throwing a no-hitter. I had come so close so many times throughout my career and in my younger years, but never had one. 

The ballpark was so electric that night. We had the TaylorMade guys out hitting golf balls. Dustin Johnson hitting monster drives into McCovey Cove, and I snuck one good swing in there as well. 

Pretty surreal day. I still think back to all the plays and pitches during that game. To have every single player on the same wave length and all realizing what was unfolding is truly something special. Everyone likes to say I pitched a perfect game and I get the credit for it but I’m in debt to everyone of the guys who made a play behind me , one that still doesn’t make sense in right center field, and I owe the most to the guy who called 125 perfect pitches behind the plate. 

Thanks to all the fans that have come up to me and shared there story about that night. So fun to hear them all!!


2. Giants win 2010 National League Pennant

(From former Giants outfielder and current NBC Sports Bay Area analyst Andres Torres)

If you ask me what was harder...winning the World Series against Texas or beating Philly in the was beating Philly. They had a great lineup and pitching staff and those fans there...they're no joke. Fans yelling at you all the time. It wasn't easy to play against them when they were at home.

Juan Uribe was really good...he had that stance...that power...he used to hit with a weight on his bat...he's really strong...great hitter. When he hit that home run...we were going crazy...really pumped. Cody Ross was also great that series. Two home runs off Roy Halladay.

I was so excited, we were going to the World Series and we were going to win. Think about beating Philly with that lineup and that pitching staff was no joke either. We were built like a great like a great company and everbody coming into the clubhouse, we made them feel comfortable, when new guys came in we made them feel welcome and comfortable and we had fun. That's how the Giants are, and when we beat Philly...I thought we had already won the World Series because we believed in each other.


MLB rumors: Giants place Andrew McCutchen on revocable waivers

MLB rumors: Giants place Andrew McCutchen on revocable waivers

NEW YORK — The Giants did not sell at the trade deadline, preferring to give a .500 roster a few more weeks to try and climb into the race. It appears the weekend in Cincinnati finally led to some decisions from the front office. 

According to Andrew Baggarly of The Athletic, the Giants have placed Andrew McCutchen on revocable waivers, potentially clearing the way for a trade over the coming days. McCutchen is only owed about $3 million at this point and could be a fit for a contending team looking for outfield help down the stretch. If McCutchen is claimed, the Giants will have little leverage in negotiations, but they should be able to salvage a prospect or two in exchange for a player who will be a free agent at the end of the season. 

The interest in McCutchen at the deadline wasn’t enough to have the Giants seriously consider a deal, but his numbers have ticked up a bit in the second half. Trading McCutchen would serve multiple purposes. The veteran could potentially find himself in a playoff race, in search of his first ring. For the Giants, a deal would clear salary space and get them further from the tax line, and potentially allow for more September call-ups. It also would clear playing time in the outfield, allowing Austin Slater to play every day, or Chris Shaw to get an audition over the final month. 

The Giants have avoided any talk of putting up the white flag, but they were swept over the weekend in Cincinnati and have not had the road trip they had hoped. They won 2-1 Tuesday, but still will face Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom in this series.