That's a first: Crawford hits unusual Oracle Park double


There was an Oracle Park first during the Giants' game against the Houston Astros on Friday night.

With one out in the bottom of the sixth inning, Brandon Crawford came to the plate and launched a deep fly ball to center field. As the towering shot descended, it disappeared behind the wall ... but not for a home run.

What looked like a homer at first glance ultimately proved to be a double, as Crawford's hit got lodged in the field-facing fence in center.

Astros centerfielder Kyle Tucker immediately threw his hands up so as to notify the umpires that the ball had gone out of play. One of the umps ran out to the wall to verify and signaled Crawford to go to second base after confirming the ball's location.

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The entire occurrence, of course, would not have been possible prior to last season, when Oracle Park's outfield dimensions were modified in order to move the bullpens out of the field of play and bring the fences in. It has had the desired impact thus far, but at least on Friday night, Crawford wouldn't have minded if they had been brought in another foot or two.

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