We've tried almost everything to convince Bryce Harper to play for the Giants after he's spent what feels like an eternity on the free agency market.

For starters, I embarrassingly poured my heart out in an open letter trying to recruit the six-time All-Star myself. 

That may not work, but there was a Phillies fan who is actually giving up beer in hopes "#HarperLent" can assist him in convincing Harper to wear a Phillies uniform this season.

That's dedication.

But the latest person hoping the Harpers move to the city by the Bay is Giants' shortstop Brandon Crawford's wife, Jalynne. 

Check out the comment she left on Kayla Harper's latest Instagram post:

We see you, Mrs. Crawford.

We're glad to know we aren't the only ones wanting Harper to sport the orange and black this season.

And the oldest rule in the book is when you use kissy-face and heart emojis, it's real. 

I have your back, Jalynne -- a lot of us do. So, I too say "amen sista!"