Suzy Bishop, the mother of Giants prospect Hunter Bishop and Mariners prospect Braden Bishop, died Saturday after a five-year battle with Alzheimer's disease. She was 59 years old. 

Bruce Bochy never will have the opportunity to manage Hunter, but the former Giants manager showed support for Bishop, San Francisco's top pick in the 2019 MLB Draft. 

Bochy's mother, Melrose, died of Alzheimer's in 2007. Clearly, the former skipper's words went a long way to the young Giants outfield prospect. 

Hunter and Braden have been raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer's research ever since Suzy was diagnosed in 2014. Braden began the 4MOM charity while he played at the University of Washington. 


"He created it and it's totally his, but I'm definitely a big help and I'm trying to spread the word in Arizona as much as I can," Hunter said in 2017.

While the 4MOM charity will continue, Hunter and Braden are creating the "Suzy Bishop Memorial Grant" in their mother's honor. 

The Bishop brothers grew up in Palo Alto and were local star prep athletes before playing in college and going high in the MLB draft.