Buster, Longo, Pablo are among Miley's toughest opponents

Buster Posey swinging

Buster Posey, Evan Longoria and Pablo Sandoval all have experienced plenty of success throughout their MLB careers.

Posey and Sandoval each have three World Series championships to their name, while Longoria has a World Series appearance and many personal accolades. 

All three current or former Giants were mentioned among five of the toughest hitters in all of baseball according to Cincinnati Reds pitcher Wade Miley.

"Back in 2014, almost seven years ago now, when I was pitching for the [Arizona] Diamondbacks, I struck out Buster Posey this one afternoon out in San Francisco," Miley said about Posey. "The end. That’s the entire history of me striking out Buster Posey during my career."

"Because he’s a really great catcher, I also feel like he knows what I’m going to try to do to him in the box. He’s looking to call for the best possible pitches against guys like himself all the time. So it’s like he’s a step ahead of everyone else when he’s at the plate. Or at least that’s what I like to tell myself so I can feel better."

When it comes to Longoria, Miley has no answer for him whatsoever. Sometimes, he would just wave the white flag and give him a free pass to first. 

"I’m just never comfortable when I’m facing that guy," Miley said. "I never feel like I have him figured out. And now that he’s with the Giants, with Posey? For me, it’s like: No fair, man. Those two guys in the same daggum lineup?"


"Honestly, sometimes I’m just going to walk Longoria rather than let him do any real damage. Like: No thanks, bro. Free pass. Here ya go."

Sandoval is probably the most surprising of the three Giants to make the list. According to Miley though, it's with good reason that Sandoval is one of the toughest hitters in the game to face.

"I haven’t faced Pablo in a while, but that guy … he just hits everything. Everything! You can bounce a breaking ball to him and he’ll hit it. Throw the ball up high and a foot off the plate? Base hit."

"But when you make a pitch that you feel like you executed perfectly and there’s no way it’s gonna be hit, and he sticks his butt out and slaps it into right? That frustrates you way more than a mistake pitch that gets hammered."

Posey has 13 hits in 31 at-bats against Miley with one homer and RBI. Longoria is 9-for-37 with three homers, six RBI and 12 strikeouts vs. Miley. Sandoval has six hits and five RBI in 23 at-bats against Miley but hasn't homered against the lefty.

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The Giants have annoyed their fair share of pitchers over the years on their way to winning three World Series titles in the span of five seasons. 

For these three hitters though, they will always live rent-free inside the head of Miley. 

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