Buster Posey on Giants potentially getting Bryce Harper: 'Sign him up'


Buster Posey on Giants potentially getting Bryce Harper: 'Sign him up'

SAN FRANCISCO — For years, Buster Posey has been part of the recruiting process for big-time free agents. He met with Jon Lester a few weeks before the lefty signed with the Cubs, and last season he was part of the contingent that flew to Los Angeles to woo Shohei Ohtani. 

Posey was not part of the small group that met with Bryce Harper this week, and he said he has not done any recruiting on his own. 

“I really haven’t,” he said, “Maybe it is superstition, because every time I seem to reach out, they go somewhere else.”

Still, there are other ways to make your feelings known outside of meetings and text messages. Posey did Friday when asked about Harper for the first time.

“Yeah,” he said quickly. “Sign him up."

Posey is generally not one to make waves, but it was notable that he retweeted a Bob Nightengale tweet earlier this week complaining about Adam Jones’ ongoing status as a free agent. The two were part of Team USA during the last World Baseball Classic and Posey has played on All-Star teams with Harper. 

When discussing free agency Friday, Posey made it clear that he would like additions. He turns 32 this spring, after all. 

“What team out there wouldn’t want a Bryce Harper, a Manny Machado, or a lot of the free agents out there?” Posey said. “As players, from the time you were five years old, you aspire to play against the best competition, whether it’s in your Little League game, high school, college, and the big league level. I think, as a fan myself, and fans that come to the game or watch on TV, I want when the Giants are playing X, Y or Z, fans to say, ‘You know what? We’re going to get the best competition. We know we’re going to get to see a great game tonight.’”

“We’ve got to figure out a way that each game, fans have the feeling that the competition is at its highest."

Posey was asked often about free agency on Friday. He’s one of the biggest stars in the game, and as players begin to prepare for the next round of collective bargaining, you can bet that guys like Posey will make their voices heard. The players want change, but they’ll have to wait.

For now, Posey hopes he won’t have to wait to see changes to his current roster. 

There has been no Andrew McCutchen this winter, or Evan Longoria. Another Johnny Cueto has not walked through that clubhouse door. The group that gathered Friday morning at AT&T Park was just about exactly the same as the one that walked out at the end of the 2018 season. Thus far, the front office has guaranteed only about $10 million to free agents.

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Perhaps Harper won’t be the addition. But Posey hopes to see one of some sort. 

“I’ve always felt very fortunate to be a part of an organization that tries to put a team on the field that has a chance to make the playoffs, to just get in and have that chance to compete in October,” he said. “I sure hope that’s still the case. That’s all I can hope for is that that still is the case.”

Eduardo Nunez DFA'd by Red Sox while Shaun Anderson thrives for Giants


Eduardo Nunez DFA'd by Red Sox while Shaun Anderson thrives for Giants

On July 26, 2017, the San Francisco Giants traded reliable infielder Eduardo Nunez to the Boston Red Sox for two low-level minor league pitchers.

It was a rental trade at the time with Nunez headed into free agency. He eventually re-signed on a two-year, $9 million contract and helped Boston win the 2018 World Series.

But nearly two years later, Nunez's time with the Red Sox is up. On Monday, the 32-year-old was designated for assignment.

Meanwhile, the Giants are quite pleased with the two pitchers they got in return.

The main piece of that trade, Shaun Anderson, has reached the major league level and has a 4.48 ERA in 60 1/3 innings for the Giants. At 24 years old, he's shown flashes of brilliance and looks like a part of San Francisco's rotation for years to come.

The other player in the trade, right-handed pitcher Gregory Santos, was just 17 years old at the time of the trade and was playing in the Dominican Summer League.

Now, Santos is finding success stateside. In 34 2/3 innings for Class A Augusta, Santos has a 2.86 ERA. MLB Pipeline has the 19-year-old ranked as the Giants' No. 7 overall prospect.

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The Giants liked Nunez's versatility, but they made the smart move to trade him for prospects. Two years after that trade, they are reaping the benefits and are the clear winners in that rental deal.

The Nunez trade should serve as a roadmap for the Giants as the 2019 trade deadline approaches. They still can get valuable pieces for players that are seen as rentals. It might take a few years for the major league team to see the benefits of trades made over the next two weeks, but the Giants are playing the long game. They can afford to take on lower-level prospects and let them develop.

Giants, Dodgers score 16-plus runs on same day for first time in 123 years

Giants, Dodgers score 16-plus runs on same day for first time in 123 years

The Giants and Dodgers' franchises have been around for a really long time.


On Monday, the two teams scored at least 16 runs on the same day for the first time since May 20, 1896.


In 1896, they were the New York Giants and the Brooklyn Bridegrooms. Yes, Bridegrooms (According to Merriam-Webster, a "bridegroom" is "a man just married or about to be married").

On this day in 2019, the San Francisco Giants scored 19 runs in the first game of their doubleheader in Colorado against the Rockies. They would add two more runs in their Game 2 win. As for the Los Angeles Dodgers, they beat the Philadelphia Phillies 16-2.

Brandon Crawford led the offensive outburst for the Giants as he homered three times and drove in nine runs in the doubleheader.

In Philadelphia, Cody Bellinger crushed two more homers and now has 33 this season.

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Considering how long the Giants and Dodgers have been around, and how much they've accomplished, it's pretty impressive that there was still something they hadn't done over the last 123 years.