SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- For two members of the 2010 Giants championship team, the trip to this summer's reunion won't be far. Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey still are here, and they'll be greeting old teammates -- almost all of whom long ago retired -- as the Giants celebrate the group that finally brought a title to San Francisco.

They won't be seeing Aubrey Huff, though. The Giants told their former first baseman that he will not be invited to the ceremony. A day after the news got out, Posey was asked what his reaction to that decision was.

"Well, I mean, it's tough," Posey said. "We all definitely accomplished something together, but the simple answer for me is -- I think you guys know -- how I pretty much stay out of anything that's not involved with baseball here on the field. That's kind of the way I'm going to leave it at and defer to the people that make the decisions, and I'll leave it at that for my end."

Posey did say that he was kept in the loop during the process and talked to higher-ups as they formed a decision. He was aware that Huff had been sending controversial tweets.

Asked what kind of teammate Huff was, Posey paused and said it's been a long time.

"It's hard to say. Things change, people change over the course of 10 years," Posey said. "When Aubrey was here, he kept it pretty loose, enjoyed playing the game, he was definitely prone to being a jokester at times."


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Posey said he did not plan to reach out to Huff. The other remaining member of the 2010 team, Sandoval, said earlier in the day that he "won't be sad" that Huff is not invited.

The Giants will honor the 2010 team on Aug. 16 at Oracle Park.