Why ex-Giants catcher Rupp dubs Posey 'unbelievable human'

USA Today

Catcher Cameron Rupp had been on the Giants for just a heartbeat, but it was enough to learn from one of the greatest in the game: Buster Posey.

The Giants signed Rupp to a minor-league contract in December of 2018.

“We’ve played against each other for a few years prior to me signing with San Francisco, but what an unbelievable human being,” Rupp said this week on NBC Sports Bay Area’s Balk Talk. “Clearly the reason he opted out was unbelievable and kudos to him and his wife -- that’s awesome, but the guy’s won every accolade you could possibly take, in a very, very short time which is pretty incredible and he’s going to continue to do it, as long as he’s stays healthy.

"He’s had a couple unfortunate injuries, but what a great human being, what a great guy to learn from for me.”

Posey opted out of the 2020 season in July for what originally was “personal reasons." Later, he revealed that he, and his wife Kristen, adopted twin girls who were born prematurely.

“From a baseball standpoint, it was a tough decision, from a family standpoint and feeling like I'm making a decision to protect our children, I feel like it was relatively easy,” Posey said in a press conference.

Rupp would be traded later in March in 2019 to the Detroit Tigers, but knew he had enough time to pick the brain of one of the best.


“He’s awesome,” Rupp said of Posey. 

When it comes to a six-time NL All-Star, and three-time World Series champion, what could you possibly ask to learn? Well, Rupp made it rather simple. 

“It starts with ‘Dude, what do you eat for breakfast?’ ”

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“You just learn,” Rupp said. “Everybody has success in a different way. You just try to take bits and pieces from it.”